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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

i²TRM - International Innovation Term

The i2TRM combines a semester abroad in the UK with a chance to form your business venture.


  • A 2-week intensive business 'bootcamp' to develop your skills. Part 1 delivered by guest experts in Kingston, Ontario. Part 2 delivered on-site at the BISC's Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, UK.
  • Field trips to major centres of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in London and nearby cities
  • Off-site trips include a start-up venture weekend at a top UK university, participating in investor pitch screenings at London's award-winning Startup Funding Club, and more!
  • Self-curated business trips to network, learn, and develop your venture.
  • Guest lectures and mentorship from members of the London node of DDQIC's Global Network.
  • Weekly pitches in front of guest experts, peers, professors & program coordinators.
  • Final pitch competition to compete for early stage seed funding!

Read more about the program on the BISC website.


  • An innovation lab and makerspace in the Castle equipped with tools for building and prototyping (woodworking, metalworking, soldering, 3D scanning and printing, etc.). Support will be given for students to get access to other materials/workarounds.
  • Co-working spaces.

Program Fees & Affordability

  • Needs-based bursaries available up to $5,000 are available to fund your studies.
  • Count courses as electives towards your degree, which would otherwise be paid in tuition to complete your degree.

The program cost of $20,959 includes food, residence, tuition, and all programming fees.

We are now accepting applications. Go to the BISC website to apply.

Courses and Program Timeline

New* Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation coming Fall 2018! You can now complete courses towards the Certificate at the International Innovation Term at the Castle.

Course offerings

Requirement Units Course Name
Mandatory 1 x 3.0 •  ENIN 200/3.0 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Mandatory 1 x 3.0 •  ENIN 400/3.0 Innovation Design Sprint
Minimum 1 x 3.0

•  CHEE 302 Technical Entrepreneurship
•  ENIN 301/3.0 Creative Entrepreneurship

Maximum 2 x  3.0 •  COMM 328/3.0 International Finance;
•  ENGL 281/3.0 Legends of King Arthur: Medieval to Modern
•  HIST 289/3.0 Britain since 1851;
•  HIST 241/3.0 Issues in History: Medieval Europe: Castles, Kingdoms, and Religious Conflict;
•  IDIS 304/3.0 British Studies I;
•  INTS 312/3.0 Journalism in the 21st Century;
•  LLCU 214/3.0 Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals and Myth.


Program Timeline

When What Details
August 20-24 i2TRM x QICSI

Option to visit QICSI and watch Final Pitch Competition

i2TRM cohort watch QICSI final pitches online or in person.

August 27-21 Part 1: i2TRM Bootcamp Bootcamp begins in Kingston, ON. Topics covered include Characteristics of Entrepreneurs, High Performance Teams, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Marketing, Social Enterprise, Negotiation, Accounting, and more.
September 5-9 Move in and orientation BISC move-in day on September 5th. BISC orientation over September 6-9.
Week 1 September 10-16 Part 2: i2TRM Bootcamp classes begin Greg Bavington, Sidneyeve Matrix and Jim MacLellan instruct accelerated ENIN course material. i2TRM team formation and ideation begins.

Week 2 - 6

September 17 - October 18

Occasional guest speakers, off-site field trips, and weekly pitches.

Classes continue.

From weeks 2-12, students complete online portion of ENIN courses, attend regular BISC classes & work on team venture.

Off-site experiences include a start-up venture weekend at a top UK university, the opportunity to sit in on an investor pitch screening at London's award-winning Startup Funding Club, and more!


Week 6

October 19-28

Mid-term Trip and Reading Period Entire BISC cohort travels to York in Northern England, and Edinburgh, Scotland, for 5 days on the mid-term trip, followed by a 5-day reading period.

Week 7 - 12

October 29 - November 25

Weekly programming includes occasional guest speakers, off-site field trips, and weekly pitches.

Classes continue.

Students have the opportunity to embark on self-curated business trips that relate to their venture in the second half of the program.
Week 12 November 26 - December 2

Final Pitch Competition

Classes end November 29

Teams compete for seed funding to pursue their venture beyond i2TRM.

i2TRM program wrap-up.

December 13

Departure Day