Build2Scale Health

B2S Health Statement 

In 2020 we received a grant from Health Innovation Kingston (HI YGK), allowing us to run a health venture specific summer program called Build2Scale Health. As of 2024, this grant will have met its natural conclusion. We would like to assure you that we remain committed to the promotion of health innovation in the Kingston community--many of the networks and resources developed by this project will remain in place for ventures pursuing unmet needs in health. The project has had a lasting impact by building capacity in the Kingston ecosystem to support health ventures; this capacity, knowledge, and collaboration will continue to benefit health ventures.

With the culmination of this grant, we would like to streamline our offerings; we will be merging Build2Scale Health into our Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative (QICSI) program for 2024. Individuals interested in pursuing health innovation are encouraged to apply to QICSI when the program application opens in the coming weeks.

For teams who have an existing startup and are looking for entrepreneurial training, we encourage application to our QYourVenture program. Committed teams in this program will have opportunities to explore the QICSI content during the summer, allowing them continued access to our best-in-class entrepreneurship training. 

We thank HI YGK and the larger innovation community for their support of the Build2Scale Health program since its inception in 2020. We remain dedicated to fostering health innovation within Queen’s, Kingston, and globally.


Are you and a team or individual developing or interested in developing an entrepreneurial venture in health innovation? We can provide you with mentorship, network, and financial support with the flexibility you need to fit your busy schedule.

Drawing inspiration from the WHO Health Innovation Group definition of health innovation, we are searching for teams or individuals who want to “develop and deliver new or improved health policies, systems, products and technologies, and services and delivery methods that improve people’s health.” If you are looking to create distinctive value to unmet needs in the health sector, this program is for you!

CleanSlate UV Founders

Build2Scale Health was an undeniably valuable experience. Boot camp was very thorough and included insightful mentoring, strategic guidance, as well as countless professional resources. We are very thankful to be a part of the DDQIC community which continues to offer opportunities well beyond our graduation from the program.

Ryan Jobe
Co-founder of Remote Optometry, Build2Scale 2020 cohort

Program Details

A program for entrepreneurial teams and individuals who are responding to unmet needs in the health sector. Teams must be comprised of at least two co-founders who can commit to participating in the program. Early stage ideas are welcome! 

Two ways to apply: 

  • Participate full-time in person and receive a 10,000 stipend (maximum 3 stipends available per team)
  • Participate part-time virtually with no stipend 

We are accepting teams or individuals who are working on, or would like to work on innovations in preventive, promotive, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and/or assistive care.

May - August 2022

The program includes a live two-week bootcamp, weekly live online training sessions, and weekly update pitches with a community of entrepreneurs and program coaches.

For those participating with a stipend, the program requires you to work on fully in-person at the Rose Innovation Hub on Queen's campus from the second Monday in May to the last Friday in August, dedicating a minimum of full-time hours to their venture for the duration of the program. There are only 2 vacation days afforded to each participant throughout the summer. Full attendance is required for all speakers, workshops, and scheduled events.

For those participating with no stipend, the program will allow you to hold flexible hours and work on your venture virtually at your own pace, but we encourage all teams to take full advantage of program opportunities. Participants can attend as many live sessions as they are able to virtually or watch all content on-demand at their own pace.

Important Dates

Application deadline:

Monday, March 20 at 8:00 AM (EST), 2023

Interview dates: 

Friday, March 24, all day, 2023


May 8-August 25, 2023

The Build2Scale Health program offers several benefits:

  • Opportunities to compete for dedicated health innovation seed funding prizes and a grand prize of up to $30,000
  • Learn from esteemed faculty, entrepreneurs, and business strategists in DDQIC's network who have experience in health innovation
  • Access a curated network of mentors and grow your network in healthcare
  • Participate in foundational entrepreneurship training including topics like design thinking, customer discovery, and systems thinking with healthcare-related examples
  • Access legal and IP strategy support from legal professionals
  • Opportunity to pitch for up to $4,000 in seed funding for your team 

GrowRural Health  

In 2022, our team launched a new stream titled GrowRural Health. This stream specifically looks for teams with innovative ideas and solutions to improve the health landscape in rural communities. This stream will follow the same application as Build2Scale house and program founders will also be given mentorship, financial support and a network of people that will guide your venture to success. 

In an effort to better capture the whole of the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington (KFLA) region, DDQIC expanded our programming, to narrow in on the specific opportunities and challenges of health in the rural sector. Over 80 percent of Kingston is considered rural, and the sector has specific needs and opportunities.

Besides launching the new stream, we wanted to hear from the community on how to best support. To start the conversation, our team interviewed 15 key stakeholders and community members of the KFL&A region. Then we held some workshops and committee meetings to further collaborate.

January 19, 2022: Rural Health Innovation in the KFL&A Region: Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges/Opportunities identified:

  • Inequities in access to care;
  • Scarcity of adequate and supportive housing;
  • Communication and the digital divide;
  • Inadequate access and availability of transportation services; and
  • Unjust financial barriers both for the physician and patient.

March 29, 2022, Rural Health Innovation In the KFLA Region: Continuing the Conversation with David Townsend

  • Learn how the concept of the health home is changing the way healthcare connects and communicates.
  • Gain insight into how compassionate communities are providing much-needed support to patients and caregivers.

May 24, 2022 Innovating Together for Better Health with the FLA-OHT

Learn about:

  • Frontenac Lennox and Addington Ontario Health Team that is transforming our local health-care system through innovations in digital health and integrated care models
  • Opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate with the FLA OHT on this transformation journey
  • Opportunities for innovation to address rural health challenges

December 6 2022 Rural Health Innovation Ecosystem Mapping Meeting

  • We convened around 20 community members from the KFLA region, including innovators and rural community and healthcare leaders. The main objective of this session with stakeholders was to develop a Rural Health Innovation Ecosystem Map solely focused on Transportation. Together, we mapped physical assets, initiatives, working groups, and institutions across the region.

January 31, 2023: Rural Health Transportation Solutions Exploration Meeting

  • DDQIC and community participants gathered again to assess the Rural Health Transportation Ecosystem Map created on December 6th. Several groups were identified as actively working on impactful solutions in this area, with PORCH (Portable Outreach Care Hub) being a key player.
  • PORCH is a repurposed RV designed to deliver mental and physical health services to vulnerable individuals in need of care. The group held an initial discussion with PORCH, who expressed interest in attending future meetings to showcase their initiative and explore potential collaborative opportunities. This partnership promises to be highly advantageous, as it can bring diverse perspectives and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.

March 3 & April 21, 2023: PORCH Collaboration Discussion Meetings

  • DDQIC & community partners convened to hear PORCH present their initiative and engage in a dialogue about potential support and collaboration opportunities.

Key points from the March 3 meeting:

  • PORCH's operational details: on the road 4 days a week, stationed at Integrated Care Hub, and visiting Tiny Homes

  • Expansion efforts: reaching rural youth in partnership with Maltby One Roof Project, seeking additional partners, locations, and staff

  • Event collaboration: open to partnering for one-time events and adapting RV to meet community needs if feasible

  • Innovation focus: exploring new ways to reach marginalized individuals and seeking a dedicated person to facilitate discussions

  • RV capabilities: equipped with fresh water and waste water containment systems, as well as an onboard generator

Key points from the April 21 meeting:

  • Leadership needs: PORCH highlighted the need for a central coordinator or leader to spearhead their initiative. This person or organization would manage the overall strategy, coordinate with different stakeholders, and drive the initiative forward

  • Communication and grant proposals: The need was expressed for someone to develop a communication strategy to effectively share their message and mission. In addition, they need assistance with grant proposals to secure the necessary funding for their projects

  • Community building: Building strong relationships with communities and stakeholders is a priority for PORCH. They seek assistance cultivating these relationships and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among different parties

  • Collaborative approach: PORCH underscored their dependence on collaboration, reiterating their openness to work with various partners in achieving their mission

  • Gratitude for meetings: PORCH expressed their appreciation for the past two meetings with DDQIC and community partners, noting that they were very helpful in generating ideas and identifying the right people to connect with for

Oct 19, 2023 - Rural Health Ignition Cafe

  • Ignition Café is Kingston’s go-to monthly meet-up for anyone looking to meet like-minded change-makers, share ideas & collaborate. For October, the theme is Rural Health Innovation!
  • After meeting virtually for 2 year, we were finally able to connect in-person and network.
  • Members provided lighniting talks to highlight their initiatives
    • Meghan O'Leary & Katherine Cooper: PORCH (Portable OutReach Care Hub)
    • Teresa Purzner: Queen’s Brain Tumor Program
  • The idea was to develop fruitful connections to continue the rural health collaborations.

If you are interested in collaborating with us about Rural Health Innovation, please email

Health Innovation (Build2Scale Health and GrowRural) is funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.