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Ventures of The Foundry Program

RockMass and QICSI, 2016RockMass logo

RockMass Technologies is working to improve the safety and efficiency of geological mapping in the mining, civil engineering, and exploration industries. According to the company, the device “automatically maps a rock face while the software analyzes the data and breaks it down into key information that is used to determine the structural stability of a tunnel, mine shaft and/or rock face.”

The technology is based on research conducted at Queen’s by Professor Joshua Marshall and Ph.D. candidate Marc Gallant. Dr. Marshall and Mr. Gallant patented the technology through the Office of Partnerships and Innovation and RockMass licensed it.


Spectra Plasmonics and QICSI, 2017Spectra logo

Spectra Plasmonics delivers a chemical sensor for applications including food safety, forensics, and law enforcement. With state-of-the-art capability, this device saves time and money in detecting trace levels of harmful compounds in complex mixtures.

The technology was invented here at Queen’s in the Chemical Engineering department by Hannah Dies (MSc’21, Meds’21), Dr. Aristides Docoslis, and Dr. Carlos Escobedo, and the product has garnered significant interest from governments and law enforcement agencies. The technology was patented through the Office of Partnerships and Innovation.