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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Queen's Innovation Connector Summer Initiative 2015

Since its launch in 2012, the Queen’s Innovation Connector (QIC) acts as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Queen’s and eastern Ontario. QIC has been a proud supporter of student success in entrepreneurship.

The 2015 QIC Summer Initiative Recap:

Nearly 40 students from Queen’s and St. Lawrence College participated in this year’s QIC Summer Initiative, a program that began four years ago. The students formed into eight different teams and developed a wide variety of companies, everything from financial technology instruments to medical devices.

The teams presented their ventures to a panel of expert judges that included Raj Melville, Executive Director, Deshpande Foundation, Peng-Sang Cau, President and CEO, Transformix Engineering Inc., Michael Mann, CEO and Entrepreneur in Residence, Launch Lab, and Andrew Waitman, CEO, Assent Compliance Inc.

Results of the 2015 QICSI Pitch Competition:

Congratulations to the entire 2015 cohort! We look forward to continuing to support the QICSI graduates and their ventures into the future. Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who have contributed to the QICSI program this year.

Gryllies, a company developing an alternative protein source out of cricket flour, captured the top prize of $30,000 at this year’s Queen’s Innovation Connector (QIC) Summer Initiative Pitch Competition.

“Winning the competition really came as a surprise,” says Natasha Baziuk, Sc’15, one of five participants who worked together to launch the winning venture. “There was some really great competition and we thought our product might be too niche [to win].”

Ms. Baziuk and teammates Lyndon Chiang, Com’17, Elizabeth McDonald, Sc’17, Amelia Zheng, Artsci’15, and William Etherington, a St. Lawrence College business administration – marketing student, came up with the idea just over a month ago. In fact, they started the summer working on a venture to produce business suits for university students. However, they scrapped that idea to focus on a venture that addressed food security, a social issue they were all passionate about.

We wouldn’t have been bold enough to venture into entrepreneurism without the support of the Queen's Innovation Connector Summer Initiative. The program allowed us to dedicate ourselves and learn everything we needed to know.

— Natasha Baziuk, Sc’17, member of the winning venture, Gryllies

-Adapted from the Queen's Gazette article Delicious Pitch

The winners of the pitch competition are as follows:

Gryllies | $30,000 winners
Iris Technologies | $20,000 winners
Lumos | $20,000 winners
Scarlet Smart Fashion | $5,000 winners
Atria Fitness | $5,000 winners

The QICSI 2015 Ventures

Iris Technologies logo

Iris Technologies is addressing the negative health consequences LCD screens cause for individuals who suffer from specific medical conditions or who spend a long period of time working at LCD monitors. The solution that Iris is providing is a substitute screen that causes fewer negative health repercussions by using e-paper technology, which is found in devices such as e-readers. (http://www.iristechnologies.ca/)

Impulse Biomechanics logo
Impulse Biomechanics wants to change the way people with neurological disorders experience the rehabilitation process. The company is creating a pressure sensing insole capable of tracking various gait metrics of individuals in neurorehabilitation programs, allowing physiotherapists to quantitatively follow patient progress and better target rehabilitation to their specific needs. 
Atria Fitness logo
Atria is a mobile application that will pay people to workout. The app uses group accountability and monetary incentives to motivate people to get fit. People can workout on their own, or join group campaigns on the app to raise money for a cause of their choice. (http://www.atriafitness.com/
Concierge logo

Concierge Connect provides free and secure Wi-Fi access to users through a network of hotspots. The company’s service helps businesses manage their Wi-Fi and connect with their customers through a reliable login process. Users have a unique login that allows them to conveniently access all Concierge Connect hotspot locations. (http://conciergeconnect.ca/

Scarlet Smart Fashion logo

Scarlet Smart Fashion is a brand that combines smart technology, functionality and style to provide simple yet powerful solutions for the busy modern professional.  A major focus of Scarlet is to integrate technology into products to simplify and empower the lifestyles of customers. Scarlet’s brand exemplifies the passion, innovation, quality and beauty that it commits to its designs. (http://scarletsmart.com/)

Gryllies logo

With the global population expected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050, conventional livestock production no longer has the ability to feed the world in an environmentally sustainable way. Gryllies’ solution is to harvest crickets as a future-friendly protein source that can be integrated seamlessly into the traditional North American diet. (http://gryllies.com/)

Apollo logo

Apollo helps everyone to turn their ideas into reality and get funded. Creators can obtain feedback, in-kind support, and idea validation while simultaneously raising startup capital. (http://www.weareapollo.ca/)

Lumos logo

LUMOS Energy Strips deliver an innovative solution to an everyday problem: tiredness. Conventional energy solutions are high calorie, high volume, and often high cost. LUMOS has created a thin strip containing naturally-sourced caffeine that dissolves in a person’s mouth for a quick boost equivalent to half a cup of coffee. (http://lumosenergy.co/

The 2014 Summer Initiative Cohort

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Queen’s-Makerere University Partnership   

In May 2015, the Queen's Innovation Connector was fortunate to host Jonathan Mukiibi and Shakira Ndagire, recent graduates from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda to Queen’s to participate in the QIC Summer Initiative bootcamp for two weeks. 

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