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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Queen's Innovation Connector Summer Initiative 2016

The Queen’s Innovation Connector (QIC) has been a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Queen’s and eastern Ontario. QIC is a proud supporter of student success in entrepreneurship.

The 2016 QIC Summer Initiative Recap:

Nearly 40 students from Queen’s and St. Lawrence College participated in this year’s QIC Summer Initiative, a program that began four years ago. The students formed into eight different teams and developed a wide variety of companies, everything from financial technology instruments to medical devices. The teams presented their ventures to a panel of expert judges that included Raj Melville, Executive Director of the Deshpande Foundation; Peng-Sang Cau, President and CEO of Transformix Engineering Inc.; Michael Mann, CEO and Entrepreneur in Residence at Launch Lab; and Andrew Waitman, CEO, Assent Compliance Inc.

Results of the 2016 QICSI Pitch Competition:

Congratulations to the entire 2016 cohort! We look forward to continuing to support the QICSI graduates and their ventures into the future. Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who have contributed to the QICSI program this year.

We are excited to announce RockMass Technologies as the winner of the Queen’s Innovation Connector Summer Initiative (QICSI) Venture Pitch Competition. Placing first, they won the top prize of $30,000 in seed-funding to further develop their company.

RockMass Technologies is working to improve the safety and efficiency of geological mapping in the mining, civil engineering, and exploration industries. According to the company, the device “automatically maps a rock face while the software analyzes the data and breaks it down into key information that is used to determine the structural stability of a tunnel, mine shaft and/or rock face.”

The technology is based on research conducted at Queen’s by Professor Joshua Marshall and Ph.D. candidate Marc Gallant. Dr. Marshall and Mr. Gallant patented the technology through PARTEQ and the QICSI students licensed it.

In addition to the grand prize, Northsprout, Tandem Therapies and Paperweight Technologies also received seed-funding from the esteemed panel of judges.

Receiving $20,000 in seed-funding, NorthSprout is on a mission to increase the efficiency of the agriculture industry without detriment to the earth. NorthSprout is developing a gel-based germination medium that will allow seeds to grow strong and healthy faster and with less water than traditional methods. The agriculture industry is facing big changes as technology gets adopted at every stage, from robots and drones to indoor farming right down to the media in which we sow our seeds. NorthSprout couldn't be more excited to join in and shape the future of our food.

Tandem Therapy, another receiver of the $20,000 seed-funding, is a software platform that will support the relationship between therapists and their patients with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. By tracking data and cognitive exercises throughout the week, Tandem wants to help therapists monitor and improve their patients’ treatment.

Lastly, the recipient of $10,000 in seed funding, Paperweight Technologies, is tackling some of the major issues with the home printing experience. They hope to create a product or products that will be dependable, easy to use, and are innovative in design at a price the consumer is willing to pay.