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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Queen's Innovation Centre Summer Initiative 2018

The current 2018 Queen's Innovation Centre Summer Initiative Cohort.

The QICSI 2018 Ventures

AquaSwift is a water analytics company focused on providing water organizations and rural homeowners an effective way to track and monitor their water levels. (https://www.aquaswift.io/)

Acoutera provides solutions to lower renovation costs and improve payment processes for small to medium-sized businesses. (https://acoutera.com/)

Firefi Loyalty is a small business rewards program designed to help small businesses grow and learn more about their customers. (https://firefi.net/

Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth is a non-profit venture whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Indigenous communities by empowering youth through trades-based educational opportunities that will develop employable skills and greater self-confidence. (https://www.focusforwardfiy.org/

Illumirate is undertaking a number of initiatives to empower a new way of sustainable high-altitude mountaineering. Illumirate’s primary initiative, called the “Forest Air” initiative, is centered on the development of high-altitude, sustainable oxygen systems. 

Re. Health Technology (pronounced Re-Dot) wants to make it possible for primary care physicians to manage patients without physiotherapy coverage independently and without the time commitment. They are creating an affordable and accessible web application tool for primary care physicians that will guide patients through individualized home-based treatment plans for back pain.  

CTRLGate is a security startup that focuses on community management software for gated communities, tracking each visitor and service worker entering and exiting a community while providing reporting tools in the event of an incident. (https://www.ctrlgate.com/

InField ID is using machine learning to develop an app for farmers to easily identify and track invasive species that harm crops in fields. (http://infieldid.com/

BizSkills Academy is an online entrepreneurial toolkit of training modules and resources delivering both soft and hard skills to help graduates from developing countries to have the option and ability to create their businesses where over 60% of graduates don’t succeed at securing employment.  (https://www.bizskillsacademy.com/

EmulGreen is transitioning towards a more sustainable chemicals sector. They are introducing high-performance emulsifiers based on natural resources that give enhanced emulsion properties. Their current focus lies on cosmetics applications.  

ClimaCube is developing portable cold storage units to extend the quality of products as they are in transit, such as samples or vaccinations. 

Queen’s Genetically Engineered Machine Team is developing novel biosensors for point of care measurement and quantification of salivary analytes. (http://queensigem.ca/

Unicity Studios is a creativity-enabling piece of software for building applications, games, animations and other dynamic, digital object, to be sold as a teaching tool for primary and secondary school computer science teachers.   

Durabyte is working to implement and deploy proprietary flash storage controller technology that will increase the lifespan of flash storage chips for use in big data storage solutions, mitigating the ever-present need for durable data storage.   

Research Stream is a platform to connect researchers with research participants. Their service, supported by an online platform, streamlines the participant recruitment and management process for research studies, taking the participant search out of research.