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QyourVenture is a program that helps students and community members turn their idea, technology, or inspiration into a venture. QyourVenture guides participants' entrepreneurial journey in a tiered program that unlocks opportunities and resources as you and your team demonstrate your commitment and make progress in building your venture. Participation in QyourVenture is free and no equity is taken in your business in exchange for participation.

As part of QyourVenture, you can:

  • Receive training in topics such as Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Pitching, and the Business Model Canvas in our interactive workshop series.
  • Access an online tool based on Bill Aulet’s book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship 24 Steps to a Successful Startup to help guide your venture’s progress. 
  • Pitch for seed funding for your venture in the DDQIC Regional Pitch Competition series.
  • Access micro-grants by advancing through the stages of the program.
  • Join our online Slack community to learn about events, pitch competitions, and connect with potential co-founders.
  • Attend guest speaking events featuring Alumni and community entrepreneurs.
  • Become part of the broader innovation and entrepreneurship community at our Ignition Café each month.
  • Share your progress and challenges at bi-weekly mini-pitch events with fellow QyourVenture participants and receive feedback from DDQIC’s Innovation Fellows.
  • Seek mentorship.
  • Access incubation space in the Rose Innovation Hub for you and your team.
  • DDQIC is a Google Cloud for Startups Partner, allowing eligible ventures to access up to $3,000 in credits.
  • Become a member of the SparQ Studios makerspace to build early stage prototypes, access photography equipment, and learn about a wide variety of equipment, from sewing to laser engraving!
  • Join DDQIC’s coffee club.
  • Become a Rose Innovation Hub trusted citizen, allowing you 24 hour access to the co-working s pace in exchange for space stewardship duties.

DDQIC accepts companies into QyourVenture on a rolling basis- you can join any time. The program welcomes community members, students from any faculty, and ventures in any sector, including not-for-profits!

How does the program work?

There are three phases in the QyourVenture journey. As you demonstrate your commitment and make progress on your venture, you advance to the next phase. Each phase unlocks more resources and opportunities for your venture.

Guidelines to advance:

  • It is mandatory for at least one team member to attend bi-weekly pitches, workshops and speakers.
  • Advance through the stages of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship toolbox as follows:

Events, Workshops and Speakers

The QyourVenture calendar can be found here, and is updated frequently!

Apply to QyourVenture

You can apply for the QyourVenture program at any time. If you are interested in joining QyourVenture, please:

1. Complete the Pre-Work:

2. Submit the pre-work to us, and email us with the following:

  • Complete the following statement: I will offer/produce [what] that will [address what problem or improve some condition] for [who would want to buy or use this product service].

3. Attend a group on-boarding meeting:

  • Let's start building that community! A group on-boarding meeting will be scheduled with yourself and others interested in the QyourVenture program.
  • On-boarding meetings are tentatively scheduled for the following dates:
    • Tuesday, January 12th from 10-11AM
    • Tuesday, January 19th from 10-11AM
    • Tuesday, January 26th from 10-11AM

    4. Complete intake form using the link provided to you by a DDQIC team member.

    5. We will then admit you to the Explore phase of QyourVenture and you are off to the races!

    Questions? Email innovation.centre@queensu.ca