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SparQ Studios Safety Protocols

The Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre makerspace holds safety as a primary focus in order to maintain a safe and open environment where students can learn about the machinery while also learning how to mitigate risks in a workshop. At SparQ Studios we have two safety protocols that will give members access to different types of machinery:

1. Preliminary Safety Training

The preliminary safety training is the first protocol a member has to undergo in order to obtain access to any machinery outside of the yellow taped area where the woodworking and metalworking are contained. This means that even if the member only plans to use the 3D scanners, they will still have to take part in this protocol which consists of a presentation by the current Makerspace Director.

2. Machine Specific Safety Training

The machine specific safety training is the second protocol at SparQ Studios and the member only has to undergo this session if they plan on using any woodworking and metalworking machinery during their time with SparQ. This protocol will teach the member how to use each of the machines in a safe and efficient manner and consists of a guided tour around the woodworking and metalworking equipment present at SparQ.

Safety documentation

Makerspace Student Machine Safety and Usage Manual (Download here)

Makerspace Preliminary Safety Powerpoint (Download here)