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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Student-led Conferences and Competitions on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Become a delegate or join the organizing committee for one of the events below to explore entrepreneurship and meet other students who are doing the same.

Queen's Healthcare and Business Conference

March | Apply in the Winter Semester
Be a part of the first student run conference in Canada to explore the dynamic relationship between business and healthcare. The inaugural event will feature an innovation showcase and panel with healthcare entrepreneurs. 

QEC - Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition

January | Apply in the Fall SemesterQueen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition
An established and highly respected business plan competition attracting entrants from around the world. Multi-discipline teams pitch their business plans to expert judges vying for significant prize money. Students can aspire to bring their venture to this level of maturity and can attend the event to meet potential co-founders and see the quality of the pitches.

QSS - Queen's Startup SummitQueen’s Startup Summit

January | Apply in the Fall Semester
Queen’s Startup Summit is a three-day event founded in 2013 and has since become a cornerstone event in the collegiate entrepreneurial landscape in Canada. Our purpose is to support budding entrepreneurs by providing them with keynotes from distinguished guests, engaging workshops, and access to mentors as students and their team are working to launch their own start-up. The event is designed to be the first step in exploring entrepreneurship, so we welcome students from all faculties and years to participate – no experience required.

The Summit is an incredible opportunity for students to share their ideas, their passion for entrepreneurship, and to create invaluable peer and professional networks. So for all of the innovators out there, we invite you to join us, whether you are interested in joining as a participant or as an executive team member!

QACE – Queen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship

November | Apply in the Fall SemesterQueen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship
A ComSoc event open to all students with a recent focus on attracting more students from outside QSSB. Guest speakers, a strong social component, and interesting workshops make this a great conference to meet other innovative fellow Queen’s students.

QCBT - Queen’s Conference on Business and Technology

March | Apply in the Winter SemesterQueen’s Conference on Business and Technology
Event featuring notable guest speakers and breakout workshops. Traditionally explored the intersection of commerce and technology.

QGIC – Queen’s Global Innovation Conference

January | Apply in the Fall Semester
Weekend long conference focused on social innovation and enterprise. Each year a societal problem is proposed and teams of delegates pitch their solutions on the Sunday, followed by a dinner.

QSUS – Queen’s Sustainability Conference

October | Register in the Fall SemesterQueen’s Sustainability Conference
The inaugural QSUS event will take place this year. The focus of the conference will be on challenging teams to put forward and mobilize ideas which will improve the sustainability of the Queen’s campus.

CEEC - Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference

March | Apply in the Winter SemesterCommerce and Engineering Environmental Conference
A weekend long conference bringing technical and business students together to tackle environmental issues. The event attracts a significant delegation external to Queen’s.

Innovate Queen's

Year-round | Join any time
A series of speaker events related to innovation and entrepreneurship for students to expand their skills and meet like-minded students.

CIRQUE – Queen's Engineering Conference on Industry and Resources​

November | Register in the Fall SemesterQueen’s Smith School of Business Innovation Summit
CIRQUE aims to expose students to the business world while demonstrating the versatility of their engineering degree. The conference also aims to connect engineering students with top employers and allow delegates to broaden their view of their postgraduate opportunities. 


Year-round | Join any timeQueen’s Smith School of Business Innovation Summit
A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable.


QBIT – Queen’s Biomedical Innovation Team

Year-round | Join any timeQueen’s Smith School of Business Innovation Summit
The Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team aims to introduce undergraduate students to biomedical engineering, explore practical applications of the engineering curriculum and promote interdisciplinary collaboration to solve common problems within the field of medicine.


Queen’s Hult Prize

Year-round | Join any timeQueen’s Smith School of Business Innovation Summit
With the goal of educating and engaging students at its core, this truly international prize has created a platform to support the launch of social enterprises that are tackling seemingly intractable global challenges.


QHacks - Queen's Hackathon

November | Register in the Fall SemesterQHacks
QHacks was first held in 2016 with a mission to advocate and incubate the tech community at Queen's University and throughout Canada.


QHHRC - Queen's Health and Human Rights Conference

October | Register in the Fall SemesterQHHRC
We host a range of students from a de variety of faculties, including arts, science, law, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. In the past, we have welcomed speakers such as Samantha Nutt, the Hon. Charlie Angus, Albert Schumacher, Jacalyn Duffin, Beverley Chalmers, and many more.



November | Register in the Fall SemesterQSELF
QSELF hosts workshops, cases, and keynotes each year to provide delegates with the valuable opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions, team-building activities, as well as fields of interest. In the past, we have partnered with companies such as Deloitte Digital, who have facilitated different activities and competitions which contributed to each delegate’s personal and professional growth.


QHDT - Queen's Hyperloop Design Team

Year-round | Join any timeQHDT
The Queen’s Hyperloop Team was founded in 2015 with the goal of competing in the annual design competition held by SpaceX.

QSDC - Queen's Software Developer's Club

Year-round | Join any timeQHDT
The Queen’s Software Developer's Club is set to be a collaboration of students from every faculty on campus participating in both recreational and competitive hackathons, computing competitions, and other development projects.


Queen's TEDx

December | Register in the Fall SemesterQHDT
TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Analytics By Design

May | Apply in the Winter Semester
Analytics by Design (ABD) is a conference organized through the Master of Management Analytics at Smith School of Business that focuses on cross-industrial learning in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The ABD inaugural conference on May 10-11 will address the impact of various emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, blockchain, and Internet of Things. 

The Scale-Up Summit

November | Register in the Fall Semester
The Scale-Up Summit is the only student-run event of its kind in Canada. For over a decade, the Scale-Up Summit has connected motivated students and entrepreneurs with businesses focused on innovation through series of speaker panels, interactive workshops and networking opportunities. This year’s Scale-Up Summit is founded upon three core values that underlie all of its programming. These values are: Empower, Innovate, and Evolve. 

EDGE Ethnic Diversity Conference

August | Register in the Summer
EDGE is Canada’s first independent student-run organization focused on enabling marginalized groups to excel in their academic and professional careers. 

Queen's Venture Law Society

September to May | Register in the Fall
The QVLS aims to expose Queen’s law students to the legal dimensions of entrepreneurship, facilitate innovative thinking in the law, and to connect students to emerging ventures and professionals in the field. 

Queen's Women in Computing

September to May | Register in the Fall
Queen's Women in Computing strives to support, celebrate and advocate for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field through a variety of events held throughout the school year.

Queen's Technology and Media Association

September to May | Register in the Fall
QTMA, Queen’s premier technology association, is committed to enabling Queen’s students to have the experience and education that prepares them for the technology industry. In 2018, they launched Project Tähdistö, Canada’s first undergraduate product management program where three product teams develop a software application throughout the school year. 

Queen's Global Energy Conference

January | Register in the Fall
The Queen’s Global Energy Conference was conceived in order to provide an unbiased platform where all parts of the energy sector may share their voice. We aim to create an environment where diverse and compelling discussions may be shared. 

Queen's Self-Evaluative Learning Forum

January | Register in the Fall
QSELF stands to provide delegates with two key takeaways: 1. exposure to a variety of fields within business, and 2. direction for delegates to isolate careers of interest. Through practical workshops built around tangible skills, useful advice, and inspiration delivered through established industry speakers, delegates are given a chance to examine all corners of the business environment.

Queen's Leaders Engaging in Change

January | Register in the Fall
Queen’s Leaders Engaging in Change, previously known as Queen’s Conference on Philanthropy, has brought together students from across the nation to lead, engage, challenge and empower delegates to take action within their communities and achieve positive change.


Year-round | Apply in the Fall
QMIND is Queen's University's only machine intelligence design team. We aim to educate our team and our community by developing innovative A.I. projects.

Queen's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference

Year-round | Join any time
Founded in 2018, we offer students the opportunity to attend various events in Kingston and Toronto, year-round. Our mission is three-tiered; to inspire, educate and connect students.

Are you part of an entrepreneurship and innovation focused conference missing from this list? Connect with us by sending an email to innovation.centre@queensu.ca.