Queen’s is part of the ACU global network which just launched their Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Challenge Grants for 2023. Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Challenge Grants are aimed at both academic and professional staff at ACU member universities to support initiatives advancing peace, reconciliation, and Indigenous knowledge. 

Applications are opened for submissions until April 10, 2023.

These are grants of up to £2,500 to support work on two main strategic priorities:

- Historical memory and trauma
- Institutional reform and Indigenous knowledge

The grants can apply to a range of university activities. 

If any projects on campus come to mind please encourage that the respective individuals apply. If you choose to apply, please let us know at vp.international@queensu.ca

Full website: https://www.acu.ac.uk/funding-opportunities/for-university-staff/grants/commonwealth-peace-reconciliation-challenge-grants/

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