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Matariki Network of Universities

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The Matariki Network of Universities is an international group of leading, like-minded universities, each amongst the most historic in its own country, and recognized as being:

  • a premier place of advanced learning, nationally and internationally
  • research-intensive across a broad subject base
  • focused on providing a high-quality student experience
  • flexible, modern, innovative, comprehensive and globally oriented

Queen's is one of the seven founding members of the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU), whose official launch took place in May 2010. The name "Matariki" is from the Māori language, in which Matariki is the name of the Pleiades star cluster (also known as The Seven Sisters) and signifies Spring and a new beginning.


The founding members of the MNU are:

Queen's participation in the MNU builds on the university's longstanding partnerships and agreements with Uppsala University (1993), the University of Western Australia (1994), and the University of Otago (2002), and more recent collaborations with Durham University (2011) and Tübingen University (2012).