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Queen's School of English

When English isn’t your first language, Queen’s School of English can help!

Study with Queen's School of English (QSoE) to prepare for university or college, to learn English for work, or to enrich the experience of Canadian culture. We offer a variety of English as a Second Language (ESL) programs and courses, including:

  • QBridge Pathway: English language preparation for Queen's undergraduate programs, as a pathway for students who are academically competitive for admission to Queen's, but who do not meet the standard for English language proficiency.
  • English for Academic Purposes: An intensive full-time English language program to prepare for university or college studies.
  • Canadian English Experience: Experience Canada in the summer or winter for 3-4 weeks while learning English
  • Canadian Academic English Experience: An immersive 3 week experience in the early spring or late summer that focuses on speaking and listening skills using Canadian academic content
  • Academic English Foundations: A 6-week intensive English language program that builds the foundational knowledge, skills and strategies for academic success.
  • Tailored Programs: For groups, institutions and individuals. Contact QSoE if you are interested in creating a tailored program for your group.

Services and Facilities

QSoE students have access to all Queen’s facilities, including:


Residence: Many School of English students find it convenient to live in a university residence, because they enjoy living close to their classrooms and other university activities.

Homestay: QSoE has an agreement with the Canada Homestay Network (CHN) to help with providing housing for incoming exchange and international students. Many School of English students choose to live in homestay because they want an immersion in Canadian culture and more opportunities to learn practical English.

Activities and Trips

QSoE organizes a full program of extracurricular activities for students in each session. These events include films, sports, baking, indoor and outdoor games, along with sightseeing, shopping, festivals and visits to Kingston's many cultural and historic sites. QSoE encourages trips to attractions outside of Kingston (i.e., Toronto, Niagara Falls and Ottawa). Students are also invited to join the QSoE Volunteer Club.