Academics Requiring Work Permits

Citizens of certain countries require a visa to enter Canada in addition to the work permit.

Check this web site for a list of visa countries:

Category/Role Documents Required

Guest Lecturer

Invited by Queen's to give a series of lectures for a period of less than one academic term. Does not need to be a professor.

  • proof of citizenship

  • letter of invitation

  • result from Employer Portal Submission (see below) completed by Queen's

Visiting Professor

Taking a position for not more than two academic years; retains position at the home institution.

  • proof of citizenship

  • letter of invitation 

  • letter from the home institution confirming retention of the position

  • result from Employer Portal Submission completed by Queen's

Research Award Recipient

Direct recipient of an academic research award paid by a Canadian academic institution or a foreign source. Award granted strictly on the basis of academic excellence. Candidate must have a significant role to play or value to add to a particular research project, and not just be a member of a research team, doing data collection or principally involved in the more mundane aspects of the research being conducted.

  • proof of citizenship

  • letter of invitation

  • details of award received

  • result from Employer Portal Submission, completed by Queen's

American, Mexican and Chilean University Teacher

University teachers are included in the NAFTA and CCFTA lists of professionals who may be issued a work permit for up to three years.

  • proof of citizenship of the appropriate country

  • proof of pre-arranged employment from the Canadian institution

  • proof of minimum educational requirement (Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree)

  • result from Employer Portal submission, completed by Queen's

Visitors described above will have to apply for a work permit.
For forms and further details, refer to Citizenship and Immigration.

Visitors who have received a work permit must apply for a Social Insurance Number from the Government of Canada in order to work at and be paid by Queen's.

Visitors described above do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Employer Portal

International visitors who require a work permit must first obtain an Offer of Employment Number. To obtain this number, a submission must be made through the IRCC Employer Portal. This is required even if the visitor is not paid. There is a fee for the submission through the Employer Portal, which must be paid by the hosting department.

Visitors cannot apply through the portal themselves. The process must be initiated by the host department and submissions can only be made through Portal Representatives designated by Queen's University. For more information on the process, host departments should contact their faculty staffing office.