Visitor Appointment


The visitor appointment process varies by faculty. The following steps are a guide to help you identify the path to take for inviting an international visitor. All international visitors must be provided with an official letter of invitation to ensure smooth entry into Canada.

Information you will need to gather:

  • identify the purpose of the visit (research project, teaching, candidate for a position)
  • length of the stay
  • funding arrangements
  • prospective visitor's status at home institution (i.e., will they be returning to their academic position)
  • an up to date copy of the prospective visitor's CV
  • prospective visitor's citizenship and country of residence
  • health insurance requirements and cost (UHIP)

The above information will be needed to obtain the necessary internal approvals to bring a visitor to the Queen's campus and to write the letter of invitation which is required to gain entry to Canada.

Seeking the appropriate internal approvals:

  • Discuss the prospective visit with the Head of the Department/Unit and determine the faculty specific process for an academic visitor.
  • In some faculties, for a longer stay (not to exceed 2 years), the visitor is given an academic staff appointment with appropriate rank. For this process, a letter from the appointee's home institution confirming the continuance of the position abroad is required.
  • Review the Queen's Policy on insurance for visitors and volunteers.