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Investment Services

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Queen's Endowment Overview

The Queen's Endowment is an investment pool composed of funds that have been designated to university Endowment accounts. Donations received by the university are invested in the Queen's Endowment and each year certain amounts are withdrawn according to the spending policy. These annual withdrawals fund scholarships, academic chairs, book funds, lectureships, as well as a diverse range of university programs.

Subject to levels of risks acceptable under a "prudent portfolio" approach to investing funds of this nature, the primary objective of the Pooled Endowment Fund is to maximize risk adjusted returns in furtherance of two competing goals; the goal of releasing substantial income to support current operations and the goal of preserving the purchasing power of assets for future generations.

Queen's Endowment Governance

The investment activities of the Queen's Endowment are overseen by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. This Committee sets investment policies and monitors investment performance. Visit the University Secretariat site to review the constitution and current membership of the Investment Committee.

In order to achieve its objectives, the university enlists the services of a range of external investment managers. The Investment Committee determines the selection of investment managers, the amounts entrusted to them, and also any investment parameters or restrictions. All investment activity must comply with the University's Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures.

The Department of Investment Services at Queen's is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring of investment managers' activities and performance, and reporting to the Investment Committee. This department reports on fund and market performance on both a monthly and quarterly basis.