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Investment Services

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Pooled Endowment Fund Asset Allocation

The PEF is well diversified across individual securities, asset classes, and geographies. The table below outlines the Strategic Policy Asset Mix for the PEF. 

Asset Class Strategic Policy Asset Mix Strategic Policy Asset Mix Range
Equities 70% 50 - 80%
Fixed Income & Absolute Return 20% 10 - 45%
Real Assets 10% 5 - 15%

The Investment Committee recommends the Strategic Policy Asset Mix to the Board of Trustees. The Strategic Policy Asset Mix is the long-term mix of assets that has been judged to be optimal for the PEF. Based on its medium-term outlook, the Investment Committee employs a Target Asset Mix that falls within the Strategic Asset Mix Ranges. The Department of Investment Services monitors the actual asset allocation and rebalances the portfolio to the Target Asset Mix as required.

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