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Investment Services

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Jim KeohaneChair, Queen’s Investment Committee

Jim Keohane
Chair, Queen’s Investment Committee

In managing the Queen’s Endowment, the Investment Committee wants to ensure that donor support produces enough income to fund university programs such as scholarships, student assistance, academic chairs, and research. We also want to ensure that donor capital is maintained and grows sufficiently to maintain its purchasing power for future generations. That purchasing power can be eroded either by not keeping up with inflation or by experiencing drawdowns in the fund due to investment losses. This creates a challenging balancing act between taking enough investment risk to earn sufficient returns and keep up with inflation, while not exposing the Endowment to excessive risk. 

Investment markets were very challenging in 2018. Interest rates were very low and we saw most global stock markets experiencing losses for the year. Entering the year, the Queen’s Investment Committee viewed market valuations as being high and could see significant challenges on the horizon. Given this view, we positioned the portfolio defensively which allowed the Endowment to weather the stormy markets. While 2018 will not be viewed as a great year for investment returns, it can be considered successful in that our strategic positioning enabled the Board to maintain the spending rate on the Endowment in support of the university programs.

Jim Leech, MBA’73 Chancellor

Jim Leech, MBA’73

The success of the Queen’s Endowment is a testament to the collective generosity of our donors. This transformational support has allowed us to acknowledge academic excellence through scholarships, provide financial assistance through bursaries, develop and profile important research, and improve and support a multitude of essential university programs. On behalf of Queen’s, and as grateful stewards of your generosity, it is a privilege to share with you the university’s Annual Endowment Report. As you read about the impact and success of the Endowment, I hope you share our sense of pride as we continue to enhance the overall experience for our students, and ensure their future success as the leaders of tomorrow.