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Impact of the Endowment

The Queen’s Endowment consists of philanthropic gifts intended to support the university in perpetuity. Endowment funds are invested in a diversified portfolio of assets designed to maximize long-term risk-adjusted returns, provide stable annual payouts to support donor-specified priorities, and preserve purchasing power for future generations. Distributions from the fund support scholarships, research chairs, professorships, and a diverse range of university programs.

Julia Carver, Recipient of a prestigious endowed scholarship

Julia Carver, Class of 2019
Recipient of a prestigious endowed scholarship

Life-changing Opportunities

This scholarship provided me with the financial means to study at this amazing university and I cannot possibly express the extent of my gratitude for having the opportunity to be a member of the Queen’s family. It has also allowed me to grow as a person and fully pursue the academic subjects about which I am passionate. It’s allowed me to get involved in the campus life, such as the Queen’s International Affairs Association and the Queen’s Female Leadership in Politics Club. I am so grateful to have been given this life-changing opportunity and, thanks to donor support, I have found a second home.

Ground-breaking Research

As the Paul B. Helliwell Chair in Orthopaedic Research, I’ve had the privilege of taking part in ground-breaking research and projects related to musculoskeletal health, biomechanics, human mobility, and computer-assisted surgery.

I’ve also had the opportunity to mentor and train students completing their orthopaedic residency. The creation of this research chair was made possible due to donor support and it has brought considerable profile to the Orthopaedic program at Queen’s.

Dr. David Pichora, Paul B. Helliwell Chair in Orthopaedic Research

Dr. David Pichora
Paul B. Helliwell Chair in Orthopaedic Research

Shrisha Mohit, Masters student and recipient of an endowed graduate fellowship Hometown: Curepipe, Mauritius

Shrisha Mohit
Masters student and recipient of an endowed graduate fellowship

Boosted Confidence

As a graduate student, receiving support allowed me to dedicate more time and resources toward my research project and the courses that will help me strengthen my research skills. It boosted my motivation and confidence in striving for excellence. Receiving a fellowship was a reminder that I should not discount my past experiences, but instead use them to enrich my current role and contribution within my laboratory and department.

Kasmet (Sci’11) and Jessica Niyongabo
Supporters of an endowed fund through estate plans

Planning for the Future

Jess and I chose to make Queen’s part of our legacy and take action to help students reach their educational goals. Completing my undergrad at Queen’s was a transformational experience. years later, I can still remember how much every bursary helped. We believe that no talented person should be held back simply due to lack of financial means. Education has been the best investment Jess and I have made, and it is our honour and privilege to give back to the Queen’s community.

Paying it Forward

Receiving this award has made all the difference in my life. It has been no small feat for my family to support both my university education and my brother’s. This weighed heavily on my mind. Receiving this award relieved my stress and has allowed me the freedom to focus on my academics, which has helped me to perform better in all my classes. It has also enabled me to explore my interests without worry. There is no better way to express my gratitude than by promising to one day make a similar impact for another student.

Edward Yuan, Class of 2021
Recipient of an endowed financial assistance bursary

Dr. Mohamed Khimji
Inaugural Appointee of the endowed David Allgood Professorship

Unique Opportunities for Students

Being appointed as the inaugural David Allgood Professor in Business Law has enabled me to provide leadership to our Business Law Program by raising its research profile, developing new courses, and experiential learning opportunities, and hosting leading lawyers and academics from across North America. These unique opportunities for our students have taken our program to new heights and this professorship exists thanks to the generosity of donors.