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Exchange Students in Kingston

Queen's University has hosted study abroad and exchange students from around the world! Read their stories below.

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Ruth's Story

"Looking back at my time as an exchange student at Queen’s, I couldn’t be more grateful for this unique opportunity to learn and grow in such a multicultural and stimulating environment. I felt that Canadians in general and the campus community in specific are very welcoming and friendly, which helped me to feel at home very quickly.

"In terms of academics, I really enjoyed the variety of courses offered and that I could specialize in the subjects that interested me the most. Compared to my home university, class sizes were smaller and lively interaction with both fellow students and teaching staff was much more common. I appreciated the way of teaching and learning a lot because assignments and exams throughout the term emphasized continuous learning as opposed to only studying directly before that 100% final exam at home.

"During my time on exchange, I travelled to cities like Montreal, Ottawa or Vancouver and even visited Cuba. Canadians are amazing people, even though I have to admit that I had to adopt to the less direct and much more polite style of conversation. I have learnt incredibly much inside and outside the classroom and met wonderful people.

"I thank everyone who has made my time at Queen’s so special – from my fellow students, housemates and friends to the very helpful Queen’s staff as well as my professors and tutors – and I encourage everyone to go on exchange, get involved and find a home away from home as I did."

University of Mannheim, Germany

Nicholas' Story

"Applying to Queens was certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Coming to the university on exchange from the UK was a hugely enjoyable and greatly rewarding experience and I am very thankful to the powers-at-be at Queens for giving me a place at their highly respected and extremely welcoming university.

"Of the many super duper things I got up to while living among the friendly Canadians, a few stand out as particularly noteworthy: canoeing in the Algonquin National Park, swing dancing with the swing club, playing road-hockey by the lake, attending world music lectures despite not studying music, hiring a car and going skiing at Mt. Tremblant, being taught by some inspiring teachers and singing the oil-thigh with a thousand fellow students. While all of these helped to make my year in Canada one of the best years of my life, (I know - very cliché, but very true nonetheless) the real highlight would have to be the great friends, both Canadian and international, I made during the course of the year.

"Staying in the 'Kingston Student Housing Cooperation' (Science 44 Co-op) allowed me to get to know 120 people really well - preparing and eating meals along side them, and hanging out at their various houses or at the twice-semester parties held at the coop. I would hugely recommend the 'Coop' as a great place to live and eat while at Queen's, for all students, local and foreign alike! If you are thinking about an exchange year, or about coming to Queen's, stop thinking right now and sign on that red, yellow and blue dotted line!"

Durham University, United Kingdom

Rahul's Story

"The opportunity of getting to study at a reputable university like Queen’s forms a special part in my education life. I learned a great deal in one year on this campus. I took up the maximum number of courses, did as many co-curricular activities I could and made some really great friends here. Recipe I took up courses in Film studies and Drama. Balancing both was hectic but thinking about it now after I’m done, I think that is the reason that pushed me to do my best and in return, taught me so much.

"I would like to mention Professor Redmond and Professor Burke for being available outside film class to help me with my doubts as and when I had them. Also, Professor Wanless and Professor Julie Salverson taught me a lot about acting on stage that I had not known until then. Apart from sitting in class and studying, I made sure I got involved in things on campus like plays, fashion shows and film festivals. I acted in two plays – “The Ballad of Valentin Sapunov” and "Down There". Performing so many shows for both the plays was a fantastic opportunity. It taught me to be patient and also geared me up to have the same energy for all the number of shows. The team I worked with for these plays were like family to me.

"I took part in the Project Red Fashion Show and learned how to have fun on stage. Apart from the film assignments in class, I made a short film for the Focus Film festival that happens at Queen’s every year. Queen’s has given me a lot of memories in just one year and that is why Canada will always hold a special place in my heart. All in all, my exchange was an experience I will treasure forever."

Ja Hind College, India

Sarah's Story

"I loved my time at Queen’s University. The school had such great spirit you could always feel when walking around the campus. Whenever a problem arose there was always someone there to help, be it in the International office, residence, or a friendly fellow student passing on the street.

"Everything about Queen’s was different to my home university and I made the most of this opportunity by taking some really cool classes and working alongside some excellent professors. I also worked at the Tricolour Outlet which was like a second home for me during my time at Queen’s. The AMS not only offer excellent employment opportunities for students but the Red Velvet at CoGro and Nachos in Queen’s Pub are a must.

"Take some time to join a society or sports team as this can be a great way of meeting people and branching out. I had such a wonderful year at Queen’s I know that whatever this years international students do they will love it too."

University College Dublin, Ireland

Haruna's Story

"I can surely say that – without any doubt and regret – my year experience at Queen’s University is one of the most spectacular events that happened in my life. There I mainly studied Religion and Gender Studies, which are the academic subjects hardly touched upon (or seen as kind of taboo topics) in my home country, and the classes indeed helped me broaden my point of view, and rethink about the situation in Japan. Use the opportunities offered by language centre, or events organized by them or the dormitory dons as it is always refreshing and good to meet some new friends."

Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan