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Canada’s turning 150! Help us celebrate.

Canada is marking its 150 anniversary on July 1, 2017. Help us celebrate everything wonderful about this country! We are collecting video messages from Arts and Science exchange students who either studied in Canada or who left Canada to study abroad. Do you want to show your love? Compile a short video on your phone, computer or other device of yourself expressing your birthday salutations to Canada.

Videos must be a maximum of one minute in length, featuring you in good lighting sharing a positive anniversary message to Canada. Not sure what to say? Wish Canada a happy birthday (in English or your first language) and share something you really like about the country.

Videos will be compiled into a larger montage and shared on the IPO’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. Submit your video through a private message to our Facebook page (@queensuipo). Don’t have Facebook? Email For full submission details and project conditions please review the project description. We need your video by June 16, 2017!

Thanks for showing Canada how much you care!