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BUTEX Scholarships Open to Applications for Students Headed to Affiliated UK Universities.

The BUTEX organization offers scholarships every year for students headed on exchange to specific, affiliated host universities within the UK. Please visit this website to confirm that your host university is affiliated with BUTEX and that you meet other eligibility requirements.

Scholarships are valued at £500 and applicants must either (1) design a poster, or (2) answer an essay question as a part of their application. For more details on how to apply please visit the BUTEX website.

Applications for the essay option can be completed on BUTEX’s website. Posters must be mailed or couriered to BUTEX. 

Would you like a little inspiration? Check out BUTEX’s Student Testimonials. You can also contact BUTEX with questions about this opportunity .

When are applications due? Whether online or via post all applications are due by June 15th, 2017. Please account for the time change when planning your submission.

Good luck to all applicants!