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Choosing A Program

There are many international opportunities, varying in length, cost, number of courses, amount of travelling, structure, and more!

While the following questions are primarily intended to help you assess non-Queen’s programs, they may also help you choose between exchange and independent study abroad, departmental programs or the Bader International Study Centre.


  • How does the program fit with your degree requirements?
  • Is academic credit possible? Who issues the transcript and are they an accredited institution?
  • How does the program's curriculum benefit from the host environment?


  • What does the program fee cover? What does it not cover?
  • Does the program offer any financial aid? Are you eligible for funding elsewhere? See the Financing Learning Abroad page for more information
  • What are the refund and cancellation policies?
  • Will the program price be affected by currency fluctuations?


  • When does the program start? How long is it?
  • What will the accommodation be like (university residence, hotels, hostels)?
  • What do you want out of the program (e.g., an internship, field work, home stay)?


  • Do you know anyone who has been on the program before?
  • Have we heard of it? (If you are thinking of Independent Study Abroad, check out our list of programs that students have previously participated in).
  • Have you had contact with the program already? Were the responses timely, useful, and professional?
  • Is the program on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media? What do you see?
  • Have you found any reviews of the program online? If you are considering exchange, come to one of our events and find out what it’s like firsthand!

Health, Wellness, and Safety

  • What is the program’s approach to providing accommodations to students with disabilities? See the Students with Disabilities page for more information
  • Is there a program-specific pre-departure orientation?

Many of these questions do not have a right or a wrong answer, but we encourage you to discuss your options carefully, for example with your family or caregiver, and department if necessary. Make sure you also read our Study Abroad Myths Debunked!

If you would like to discuss your options further, please visit us at the International Programs Office, B206 Mac-Corry. You can also set up an appointment by calling 613-533-2815 or emailing

If you are thinking about exchange, why not look at the Exchange Decision Matrix (.XLSX, 22KB) to help you choose which partner institution to apply to.

QUIC also offers advising to students who are thinking about studying abroad and/or working, interning, or volunteering abroad.