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International Programs Office

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Global Opportunities

Opportunities listed here are primarily for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students in other faculties should check to see if additional international opportunities are available through their home department.



Queen's exchanges students with its partner universities. Students pay Queen's tuition but register as a visiting student with the host university. There is competition for places on the program itself, and each partner has a limited number of spots. The time spent abroad is either a semester or a whole year, depending on the agreement.

The Bader International Study Centre

Bader International Study Centre

The Bader International Study Centre is Queen's second campus in the UK. Housed in a 15th century castle, this small, liberal arts campus emphasizes global citizenship and experiential learning. Offering opportunities in all semesters plus the summer, all courses taken are Queen's courses. Students pay the relevant Queen's tuition fee, as well as a program fee that varies depending on the length of the program.

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Matariki Indigenous Student Mobility Program

The Matariki Indigenous Student Mobility Program is designed to foster academic and personal growth opportunities for students who demonstrate a deep awareness of Indigenous issues and willingness to engage in reflection, dialogue, and debate.


Semester in Shanghai

Semester in Shanghai is an opportunity for Queen’s students to learn about the social, political, economic and cultural forces that will shape the world in the 21st century. Students spend the fall semester at Fudan University in China, and immerse themselves in the experience of living in Shanghai, one of the world’s largest, most dynamic and powerful urban centres.

Kwansei Gakuin College, Japan

KGU Cross-Cultural College

In partnership with Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan), the University of Toronto, and Mount Allison University, and partly funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Cross-Cultural College offers several programs for students seeking the opportunity to study with their peers in Japan.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Japan-Canada Academic Consortium

Senior undergraduate students from member institutions in both Japan and Canada meet to exchange opinions and ideas about a common topic of interest to students today. The host institution shall alternate between Canada and Japan each year.

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Departmental Programs

A number of Queen's departments also offer courses abroad. Students pay the relevant Queen's tuition fee, as well as additional program fees, which vary depending on the program selected. All courses taken are Queen's courses. Some programs run during the academic year, while others take place in the summer.

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OUI Summer Programs

Ontario Universities International (OUI) programs in France and Germany provide highly motivated and adventurous students an opportunity to expand their academic and personal horizons by honing different skill sets through essential international experience.

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Independent Study Abroad

Students who want to study abroad must apply for an International Letter of Permission (ILOP), and apply directly to the university of their choice. Students wishing to take part in summer programs offered by other Canadian universities also apply for an ILOP. Students pay fees directly to the host university; summer program costs vary.