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Japan-Canada Academic Consortium (JACAC)
Student Forum

JACAC Student Forum 2019Join with senior undergraduate student representatives from member institutions in both Japan and Canada to exchange opinions and ideas about a current topic of common interest. The host institution alternates between Canada and Japan each year. 

    The official language of the forum is English.

    2020 Forum

    • Dates: February 14-22, 2020
    • Location: Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan


    “Energy Politics for 21st Century: Searching for the Best Mix”.

    The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in 2011 has triggered a contentious and often emotional debate over Japan’s energy policy going forward and indeed the future of nuclear power on a global scale. The resulting political, social and legal reevaluation of energy production has resulted in some countries like Germany or South Korea opting out of nuclear power altogether, while others like the People’s Republic of China continuing with the construction of power stations. Meanwhile, concerns over environmental friendliness and finite availability of fossil fuels have put pressure on what remains the world’s most important energy source. Critics of these energy sources have called for a massive expansion of renewable energy generation, but their percentage of total energy production remains in the low single digits in both Canada and Japan. How should we deal with this plethora of issues, as we design energy policies for the current century and beyond?

    With mixed-teams involving students from both Canadian and Japanese universities, the forum consists of the following:

    • Expert Lectures & discussions
    • Group work based on different topics
    • Pre-assignment to prepare for group work
    • Field trips around Tokyo
    • Final presentation at Canadian Embassy in Tokyo
    • Final individual report

    80,000 yen scholarship available to eligible students for 2020 program.

    Please note this program is not available for transfer credit.


    Participation Fee: Free**

    **Canadian students are required to pay 80,000 Yen for international air fee prior to the program. However this amount will be balanced out from the scholarship which will be provided on the first day of the program.

    The Japan-Canada Student Forum will cover the costs for:

    • Flight expenses from the nearest international airport to Fukuoka Airport, from Fukuoka to Tokyo, and from Tokyo to the nearest international airport where they embarked.
    • Accommodation expenses in Japan (Fukuoka and Tokyo)

    Participants are responsible for the following expenses:

    • Meals
    • Local ground transportation expenses (home-airport return trip and Tokyo transits)
    • Incidental expenses at accommodation
    • Passport and Visa acquisition fees
    • Travel insurance

    Full application details are online on the main JACAC website where you can also find additional program information. Bring in your complete application to the International Programs Office in Mac Corry Hall, B206.

    Applications for Winter 2020 are now closed. Applications for Winter 2021 will go live in Fall 2020.