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Summer program update: the Global Internship in Japan has been suspended for Summer 2021. You are able to apply for the Global Career Seminar in Japan (GCS) which is being offered remotely, but the Internship and Joint programs will not take place this year.

In this innovative program supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Canadian and Japanese undergraduate students take courses with an emphasis on multiculturalism and international studies. This program provides a unique opportunity for Queen's students to meet and interact closely with Japanese students from KGU and other Canadian students from Mount Allison University and the University of Toronto.

All Canadian student participants will have the opportunity to study in Japan for at least one week or more, in which some of the program expenses are subsidized because of funding provided by the Japanese government.

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students will receive an official Cross-Cultural College Certificate issued by Kwansei Gakuin University.

Program Options

Global Career Seminar

The Global Career Seminar (GCS) is a forum where groups of students from Canada and Japan come together to find solutions for problems that corporations and organizations have posed. Students will gain basic knowledge of international and Japanese businesses as well as business analysis methods through watching online pre-seminar lectures. After watching the online lectures, students will gather to spend a week with their peer students, meet with representatives from companies and organizations, and receive feedback from them after giving group presentations.

There are two seminars every year; at the KGU campus in August (GCS in Japan) and at U of Toronto campus in February (GCS in Canada). While GCS in Japan allows students to experience daily life and culture in Japan for 10 days, GCS in Canada is a more intensive program which takes place during the Ontario Reading Week.

Learn more about the Global Career Seminar in Canada

Learn more about the Global Career Seminar in Japan

Global Internship

This program allows students to experience working at a company/organization in Japan for approximately two weeks. Two students from different cultural backgrounds work together in pairs, and learn the importance of cooperation and mutual understanding through working together towards a common goal.

During coursework prior to the internship, students will learn about the Japanese economy and business trends, as well as characteristics of the industry and business they will be working for. After the internship, students will report and present their findings to share with other participants.

Learn more about the Global Internship in Japan

Knowledge of Japanese is not required to participate in these programs but may be considered an asset during application

View the KGU-CCC brochure (PDF, 4.35MB)

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