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Queen's Semester in Shanghai is a tailored study abroad program that gives students the freedom to choose from a suite of courses in English, pre-approved for Queen's plans, at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Fudan is one of the most prestigious universities in Asia (in the 2020 QS Global University Ranking, Fudan University ranks 3rd in China and No. 40 in the world), located in the heart of Shanghai, a megalopolis of 23 million people, one of the most dynamic and exciting cities on the planet. 

Courses taken in the program are pre-approved for transfer into plans in Film and Media Studies, Geography, Global Development Studies, History, Political Studies, Religious Studies, Sociology, and World Language Studies.

Participating in Semester in Shanghai is an investment in yourself:

  • You will stand out from peers when it comes to job applications or graduate school. According to Jane E. Emrich, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Law, "In fact, participation in an international exchange can be a transformative experience, allowing the student to gain maturity, self-reliance, intercultural competencies, another language fluency and can enhance critical and comparative perspective in a discipline. Therefore a successful completion of an international exchange is viewed positively by admission officers."
  • You will be ahead of the curve of globalization and ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century. 
  • You will benefit from a tailored program that has many unique features compared to regular exchange programs.

Generous Funding Available

Canada Learning Initiative in China (CLIC) funding typically covers a successful applicant's

  • accommodation costs
  • health insurance
  • plus a 3000 yuan (≈$600CAN) monthly stipend

AND Queen’s University provides a travel stipend for each approved applicant for $1,000.