Japan-Canada Academic Consortium (JACAC) Student Forum

  • Who: Senior undergraduate Arts and Science students (in year 3/3+ at time of application)
  • Where: Alternates each year between Canada and Japan
  • When: Winter (Reading Week)
  • How long: 1 week
  • For academic credit? No
  • GPA requirement: To be competitive, 2.6+ cum GPA preferred
  • Application fee: No
  • Program fee: No
  • Costs borne by student: Travel documents, meals, insurance
  • Tuition: No
  • Financial assistance: Flights* and accommodation are free
  • OSAP eligible: No

JACAC logoSenior undergraduate student representatives from member institutions in both Japan and Canada meet and exchange opinions and ideas about a common topic of interest to students today. The host institution alternates between Canada and Japan each year.

The goal of this forum is to provide students with the opportunity to interact with their peers from a different culture, in order to gain insight into their current areas of academic interest and to encourage a flow of ideas between Canada and Japan. The official language of the forum is English, so no knowledge of Japanese is necessary although it enhances a student's experience, and may be considered an asset in the application. 

With mixed teams involving students from both Canadian and Japanese universities, the forum consists of the following:

  • Lectures by experts
  • Group work based on different subtopics
  • Pre‐assignment to prepare for group work
  • Final presentation
  • Final report

As a Kinesiology student who would like to pursue a career in healthcare, this forum allowed me to learn about global connections and solutions outside my courses. It helped me to develop skills I can apply and take with me into any healthcare field. My favourite memory of the program is being able to make a lifelong friendship with friends from Japan and keeping in touch with them throughout the year […] JACAC opened the doors for me, such as helping me in a healthcare career, as I am now knowledgeable of data analysis, international communication, professional communication and presentation, which will be very vital skills in any career. - Shafagh Razaghzadeh Shabestari, Queen's participant, 2021

2022 Winter Details

  • When: 18 - 25 February
  • Where: Online

The theme of this year’s forum is “Japan-Canada Peace and Security Cooperation in the Asia/Indo-­Pacific.” Participants will exchange ideas from different perspectives and collaborate to work on presentations. On the final day of the forum, participants will be given an opportunity to present their ideas in front of general participants and answer questions from the judges.

The Asia-Pacific, or Indo-Pacific, region has a growing role in the global economy and politics but also faces complex traditional and non-traditional security problems: major power rivalries, pandemic, territorial disputes, natural catastrophes, conventional and nuclear armament, and more. Canada and Japan are good neighbours across the Pacific with long shared strong political and economic ties. The two countries are strong allies with shared interests and values, promoting the rules-based international order, and actively engaging in the multilateral system. Yet, there appears to be room for improvement or elevation of their relationship. During the forum, major regional political and security issues in the Asia/Indo-Pacific region will be discussed. After series of lectures, the students will identify an issue(s), provide background, and make policy recommendations to the governments of Japan and Canada. 

For complete details about the program including schedule and costs, please visit the JACAC website


Application details and the application form can be found on the JACAC website. Students must submit their application + all supporting documents via the online application form. We will accept unofficial Queen's transcripts.

*When the program is held in Japan students must pay for flights prior to the program. However, this amount will be balanced out from a ¥80,000 scholarship which will be provided on the first day of the program. When the program is held in Canada costs will be covered by JACAC.