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Fleet Vehicle Coverage

The university's insurance policy for its owned or fleet vehicles provides $5,000,000 in third-party liability coverage, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage for models three years old or newer.  Damage to older models is covered by the University's self-insurance program. In the event of a claim involving private passenger and light commercial vehicles, a $1,000 all perils deductible applies.

Vehicles rented/leased for periods exceeding 30 days qualify for fleet insurance coverage — to arrange for coverage, please contact the Office of Risk and Safety Services under Vice Principal (Finance & Administration) at 613-533-2005 or email

In the event of an incident, please complete the Vehicle Incident Report Form and provide it to the Office of Risk and Safety Services.

Be sure to carry in the vehicle a copy of: Auto Accident Checklist.

All drivers must carry a valid Ontario Class G driver’s licence or equivalent from another jurisdiction; only drivers with the appropriate licence are permitted to drive vehicles for Queen’s University business.

Please note: When drivers move to Ontario, they can use a valid licence from another province or country for 60 days ONLY.  After 60 days, drivers need to switch to an Ontario driver's licence  For more information:  

Personal use of university owned or fleet vehicles is prohibited.

Purchasing or Leasing a Vehicle

Departments are required to appoint a Departmental Vehicle Administrator who will liaise regularly with the Office of Risk and Safety Services.  The Vehicle Administrator will provide all of the purchasing or leasing details  by completing the Vehicle Acquisition form Vehicle Acquisition Form (Web) for review with the insurer. Please allow a three-day window for processing prior to picking up the vehicle. We will contact you once the insurer has added the vehicle to the insurance policy.

Selling or Disposing of a Vehicle

It is the responsibility of the Departmental Vehicle Administrator to inform when you are selling or disposing of a vehicle.