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Queen's Insurance Coverage on Vehicles

Rented for University Business

All drivers must carry a valid Ontario Class driver’s licence or equivalent from another jurisdiction; only drivers with the appropriate licence are permitted to drive vehicles for Queen’s University business.

Please note: When drivers move to Ontario, they can use a valid licence from another province or country for 60 days ONLY.  After 60 days, drivers need to switch to an Ontario driver's licence  For more information:

Within North America

In addition to liability coverage, the University carries excess coverage for collision and comprehensive perils up to $50,000.

In the event of a claim, a $5,000 all perils deductible applies involving private passenger and light commercial vehicles which departments are responsible for.


i) Collision and comprehensive perils coverage must be purchased from the rental agency if the rental vehicle will also be used for reasons unrelated to university business, or if the vehicle will be also driven by individuals who are not affiliated with the university.

ii) It is not necessary to purchases third party liability insurance on rental cars. The rental agency is required by law to carry this insurance and the cost is included in the rental rate (the University's liability coverage is in excess of that carried by the rental agency).

iii) All drivers, whether employees or not, should be listed on the rental contract. If the rental is for university-sanctioned business, "Queen's University" must be included on the rental agreement to avoid personal liability.  On many rental agreements, only those named on the contract are covered by insurance. Read all agreements carefully. 

iv) Insurance coverage applies only to rentals of less than 30 days. If vehicles are to be leased for periods greater than 30 days, contact the Office of Risk and Safety Services at (613) 533-2005 or email to arrange for appropriate coverage.

v) The University's insurance can only cover a driver under 21 if:

1) they are the person renting the vehicle under Queen’s name and actually listed on the rental agreement, and

2) the rental agency has approved them as a driver. If the rental agency has an age requirement that the driver does not meet, we cannot insure the driver while renting the vehicle (i.e. it is not appropriate to have someone else in your department rent the vehicle and let this person drive).  You’ll need to go back to the rental agency and confirm their policies.  It is up to your department as well to “know your drivers” and ensure that their driver’s licence is not only a full Ontario Class G licence, but that their licence is valid.            

Outside North America

While the university has both liability and physical damage insurance coverage for vehicles rented outside of North America, this insurance is considered to be excess coverage. Moreover, in many foreign jurisdictions purchasing insurance from the rental agency may be mandatory; therefore, collision/comprehensive perils coverage must be obtained when renting the vehicle (please note: this kind of coverage may be provided through the use of a gold or platinum credit card - please check with the credit card company to determine what insurance, if any, is provided if the rental is paid for through the credit card).

If You Have a Claim

In order to be considered an insurance claim you must report all accidents immediately to the Office of Risk and Safety Services at (613) 533-2005 or email The driver is required to complete the Vehicle Incident Report Form and provide it to Insurance & Risk Management for review.

Be sure to carry in the vehicle a copy of: Auto Accident Checklist.