Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

ITS Outreach

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It is the goal of ITS to establish and maintain an open conversation with our stakeholders, the members of the Queen's community. We want to build meaningful channels of communication to let you know about our service offerings and the ways in which we support the faculty, students and staff of Queen's. At the same time, we want to know what's on your mind - how we can improve our current service offerings, and what IT issues are of concern to you.

Outreach Brown Bags

ITS hosts Outreach Brown Bags several times per year, where we share IT-related news, services and best practices with you, and invite you to present novel IT-related ideas and solutions from within your Faculty or department.

To view presentations from past Outreach Brown Bags, please visit the Queen's Wiki. (Note: you will have to log in with your NetID and password to access these materials.)

To receive invitations to Outreach Brown Bags, please subscribe to the ITS-INFO mailing list (see below).

    ITS-INFO Mailing List

    One way for us to communicate with you is through the ITS-INFO mailing list. Everyone who is an ITAdmin Rep is automatically subscribed to this list, as well as a number of other individuals who filled out our survey in the fall of 2008 asking to be kept informed of ITS activities. This list is primarily used for the following:

    • to invite you to ITS Outreach Brown Bags (approximately three per year); and
    • to keep you in the loop on any significant changes or additions to our service offerings.

    We welcome requests to be part of this list, so please don't hesitate to contact us! Drop us a line at and we'll get you added.

    Advisory Committees

    The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) and Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) have both been formed by ITS in recent years to provide a forum for students and faculty members to share their concerns and feedback about information technology at Queen's.

    Membership on both committees runs across Faculties and Schools, and also includes a few representatives from ITS units to act as resources. Both committees write a final report each academic year, which is presented to ITS leadership, which then responds to any questions and concerns contained in the report to continue the communication process.

    ITS also facilitates the Enterprise Information Technology Advisory Committee (EITAC), which is composed of IT Directors from Faculties/Schools, the Library, and ITS' Associate Directors.  This Committee oversees direction, planning, priorities, and investment for the University's enterprise-level IT services for communication, collaboration, and information management, and ensures that Queen's has the appropriate array of such services.

    Feedback Welcome

    If you have suggestions for how ITS can improve its outreach efforts, please email: .