Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Administrative Systems Operational Working Group

The Administrative Systems Operational Working Group (ASOWG), formerly the PeopleSoft Operational Working Group (POWG), will provide input on and direction regarding ongoing maintenance, development, and upgrade activities of a variety of enterprise systems including, but not limited to, PeopleSoft.  It will be part of the larger campus Governance Structure for Information Technology Services.  The Group will focus on matters dealing with information technology applications, interfaces, integration, and processes and priorities.  A regular update from this Group will be provided to the Administrative Systems Steering Committee (ASSC) regarding activity. ASOWG may make recommendations to, or request decisions by, the ASSC.


  1. Monitor and report status of current enterprise systems' activities.
  2. Establish immediate and longer term priorities for maintenance, development, and system upgrades across enterprise administration systems.
  3. Provide a regular report to ASSC including issues or opportunities requiring input.
  4. Act as communications liaison to and from Advisory groups associated with the business units.
  5. Provide guidance and support to the PeopleSoft Support and other enterprise administration systems.


Membership on the ASOWG will include the following:

  • Financial Services
  • Office of the University Registrar
  • Human Resources
  • ITServices (Infrastructure)
  • ITServices (Enterprise Systems)
  • ITServices (PeopleSoft Sustainment)
  • Research Services
  • IT Services (Administrative Applications)
  • Office of Advancement
  • Budget
  • IT Services (PeopleSoft Sustainment)
  • Project Portfolio Office


  • Meetings will be convened as required, with a minimum of once monthly.
  • Any member can appoint a representative at a meeting they are unable to attend. A call or email to the Chair is requested.
  • Minutes will be recorded at all meetings, and will include a brief summary of the major issues discussed.
  • Minutes will be made available to Group members.
  • Further information can be found on the Group's Wiki space.

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