Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Enterprise Information Technology Advisory Committee

Oversees direction, planning, priorities and investment for the University’s enterprise-level IT services for communication, collaboration, and information management, and ensures that Queen’s has the appropriate array of such services. Approves strategies, priorities and policies, and makes recommendations to the IT Oversight Committee.


  1. Ensure alignment of enterprise IT services with academic and administrative direction, goals and priorities.
  2. Ensure that an appropriate array of enterprise services are provided for departments, faculty, staff and students to enable effective communication, broad collaboration, and timely access to information.
  3. Provide a forum where new requirements or emerging technologies are discussed and considered.
  4. Provide oversight for the identification and selection of enterprise level service solutions.
  5. Communicate the University’s IT strategies and priorities for enterprise IT services to the campus.
  6. Ensure that appropriate security is maintained for all enterprise services, through corresponding  measures, controls and policies.
  7. Provide direction to, where appropriate, prevent unnecessary redundancy or non-sustainable service implementations, and the resulting inefficiencies and risks.


  • Directors of IT in Faculties
  • Director of IT in Advancement
  • Director of IT in Student Housing
  • Directory of IT in Library
  • Centre for Advanced Computing
  • Faculty Member from Computing Science
  • 3 Representatives from ITServices Management Team
  • CIO/AVP (Information Technology Services)


Committee will meet every month (as needed).

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