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Information Technology Services

Video Captioning

We have recently made some changes to the captioning service model. As of August 31, 2018, we are no longer submitting videos on behalf of users. Information on how to procure captioning files is available below.


Do you need to create captions/subtitles for an online video? Here are a couple of suggestions for how to do that (Note: the following is not designed to be a comprehensive list of captioning vendors but represents services that IT Services has experience working with. For more options and information, please see the Video Accessibility page on the Accessibility Hub website).

Paid Captioning


IT Services has worked closely in the past with Automatic Sync Technologies paid captioning service, CaptionSync, for generating transcripts and captioning files on behalf of users. Now, you can set up an account and submit your videos to CaptionSync directly!

CaptionSync's closed captioning service allows you to submit an audio or video file via their web interface. The video is then transcribed by professional transcribers and returned for your review. You can either accept the transcript as-is or upload a revised transcript file. Once submitted, captioning files will automatically be generated and sent to you, ready to be uploaded to your video.

CaptionSync is a paid service. Fees are applied at a rate per minute, according to the turnaround time that you choose. This can be as fast as 8 hours or as long as four days, depending on how quickly you need them to be completed. 

To set up an account with CaptionSync, simply fill out the form located at the following link: (Note: CaptionSync manually approves account requests, so it can take up to a couple of hours before the account is created. A CaptionSync Representative may contact you if they have questions about the account set up). 

If you have questions or would like to find our more, please contact or visit the CaptionSync website.

Free Captioning

Amara Caption Editor

The Queen's Streaming Service is integrated with a service called the Amara Caption Editor. Amara allows you to create and edit captioning files for free. It operates on a three-step process:

  1. Type your captions according to what you hear in the video;
  2. Sync them with the timing of your video;
  3. Review and refine the captions.

To learn more about the Streaming Service, please visit our Streaming Service Page. A tutorial on using the Amara Caption Editor is also available.