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Siteimprove CMS Deeplinking

What is it?

The Siteimprove Content Management (CMS) Deeplink is a direct link into your CMS' editing environment.  It has the potential to bring you directly to the corresponding page in your site that you were viewing in Siteimprove. The link makes it possible to move quickly between Siteimprove and your CMS, therefore making the process of finding and fixing errors on your website more efficient.

For sites with the CMS Deeplink enabled, a CMS Deeplinking button can be found in various locations through the Siteimprove Platform. Typically, they are found right next to the page URL or at the top of your Page Reports:

screen capture of CMS deeplink button on pages

CMS Deeplink button next to the page URL

screen capture of CMS deeplink button on page report

CMS Deeplink button at the top of the Page Report

How to enable Deeplinking?

  • CMS Deeplinking is already configured for all sites using the WebPublish CMS.
  • To request Siteimprove CMS Deeplinking for your site, please complete the CMS Deeplinking section on the Siteimprove Request formPlease note:  CMS Deeplinking can be enabled on the majority of accounts depending on the CMS environment. In some cases, additional work may need to be done to allow for the integration and in very few cases an integration may not be possible.

To learn more about the Siteimprove service offering at Queen’s or for information on how to request a Siteimprove user account, please visit IT Services Accessibility service page

Last Updated: October 25, 2018