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Information Technology Services

Single Sign-On FAQs

ITServices has gathered a listing of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not found on the list, please fill out the  Online Support Form  or call us at 613 533 6666.

Q. How much does it cost to Single Sign-On my site?

Every site is a little different, so prices may vary. However, we do have standard estimates for different categories. To view these one-time setup estimates, please see the Single Sign-On service page.

Q. Do you have technical documentation to help me get started?

There is a living document at that will provide implementation help and useful links.

Q. I have a custom application. Can I use SSO?

Maybe. It is entirely up to the vendor to provide support for an SSO system. Most vendors may offer one of the following:

  • include support for SSO in base package price
  • charge for SSO support as a separate module
  • charge for professional services to implement custom solution
  • simply not offer any support