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Information Technology Services

Which Solution Is Best For Us?

ITServices currently offers two choices in our Central Authentication and Authorization Services (CAAS) offering. It can be difficult to determine which solution is best for your environment or application. The information on this page helps capture some of the pros and cons of using each system. It should be noted that more consultation may be necessary to help find the right solution for you.

To contact our customer service team please email Our team will walk through your options and help you make the right decision for authentication and authorization in your web application.

Comparison Table

  Single Sign-On Common Sign-On
Provides security measure to prevent brute force attacks  
Easy to implement with custom applications  

Provides Single Sign-On across other SSO applications

(for example,

Widely supported by commercial applications some

Ability to authorize to specific subsets of users (e.g. to students only)

Allows users to use common NetID and password