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Information Technology Services

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Crowdmark is an online collaborative grading and analytics platform that helps educators, working alone or in teams, to more effectively evaluate student work. The platform allows for easy distribution and collection of student work, offers tools for the assembly and management of grading teams, and provides an online workflow that streamlines grading and the delivery of rich feedback to students. Crowdmark also features a full integration with onQ, Queen's University's enterprise learning management system, allowing for courses and classlists to be seamlessly imported to Crowdmark, and for grades to be exported back to onQ. 


  • Save Time: Assignments and tests can be graded by several markers concurrently, greatly reducing turnaround time, especially in large courses
  • Improved Feedback: Easy-to-use grading interface allows for providing rich, formative feedback directly on students' work, supporting students' understanding of errors
  • Academic Integrity: Scans of assignments and exams are preserved, supporting re-grade requests; grading is also done blind to student identities, reducing implicit grading bias
  • Eco-friendly: Paperless workflow for distributing, collecting, grading and returning assignments

Getting Started

Who Can Have It?

  • This service is available to all faculty members

Are There Any Costs?

  • The basic service, as described above, is centrally funded 

How Do I Get It?

  • Log on at
    • You will be prompted to sign in with onQ - note that you needn't be an active onQ user, as this simply redirects you to sign in to the Crowdmark service through the Queen's Single Sign-On page
    • For more information, see our Getting Started page

What if I Leave Queen's?

  • Please see the Service Termination Dates page for details on when service will be discontinued following departure from Queen's.

Additional Information


  • Crowdmark meets Queen's Web Standards for Accessibility.


  • The targeted availability of this service is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24x7).
  • Users of the service should expect occasional but infrequent service interruptions or slowdowns, both planned and unplanned.
  • Where it is necessary to schedule system maintenance that necessitates a service outage, ITS will do this outside of regular business hours, whenever possible.
  • Please check the ITS Notification page for information about unplanned service outages. 
  • Standard Hours of Operation

Service Level Objective

Please see the links below for Service Level Objectives:

Governing IT Policies

Users of this service are governed by the following policies, failure to comply may result, at a minimum, with suspension of service:

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Last Updated: July 2020