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Information Technology Services

Preferred Name 

Your "Preferred Name" is displayed in two directories:

  1. Queen's People Search (Online Directory), and
  2. The Global Address List (GAL). If you click on the To ... field when composing an email or meeting invitation, it will open the GAL, a directory of faculty, staff and student email addresses. How your name appears in the GAL is based on the "Preferred Name" that Human Resources (staff and faculty) or the Office of the University Registrar (students) has on record for you. This name will be the name that people will search for you by in order to send emails to you. It will also be your "From" name for all emails you send.

Change Your Preferred Name (Students)

If you do not like how your name appears in the Queen's People Search/GAL, you can update it in SOLUS.

  • Log into SOLUS via the website MyQueen'sU
  • Click on the Red SOLUS button located in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to Personal Information Section
  • Click on Names
  • Under Name Type you should find the Preferred name in SOLUS
  • Click Edit
  • Change your Preferred name
  • Click Save
  • Sign out of SOLUS

If they do not see Preferred Name as an option under the Names Section:

  • Click Add A New Name 
  • From the drop down list beside Name Type: select Preferred Name
  • Fill in the fields for your Preferred Name
  • Click OK to save changes
  • Sign out of SOLUS

Change Your Preferred Name (Alumni)

Follow the same steps as for students and then follow this additional mandatory step:

  • Contact the IT Support Centre after you have made the updates in SOLUS to get records updated for email service.

Change Your Preferred Name (Faculty and Staff)

If you do not like how your name appears in the Queen's People Search/GAL, you can request that Human Resources update your preferred name by emailing with the following information::

  • Current full name
  • Employee ID
  • Requested preferred name

Note: Doing this will not change your legal name.

Change the Preferred Name for a Generic Email Account

Some generic email account names do not migrate smoothly to the new mail server, and appear in the GAL with a comma in front of the account name. If you do not like how the name of your generic account appears in the GAL, fill out the ITServices online help form and request that your generic account's preferred name be updated.

Note: You can only use this form to request a name change for generic accounts. Person account name changes must go through Human Resources.

Help & Support

Please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 during regular business hours or by filling out the online help form.