Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Setting Up Your Computer

Whether you are new to Queen's, new to your department or have a new (to you) computer there are basic "tools" that you will need to install on your computer that will allow you to work. Often, individuals will struggle with work arounds when there is an easy solution - if they just knew about it.

This document explains the easy solutions.

Purchasing a New Computer

Turning on your new computer for the first time

  • Is it new?  Did it belong to someone else.
    • If the computer had a previous owner, you should evaluate if the computer OS is current and Office is current. If not, they should update as needed or re-image the computer before configuring it for yourself.  If the computer and Office is up to date and on Active Directory (AD), then just login with your netid. 
  • Login credentials
    • University owned computer - depends on initial setup, but at the login screen if you see AD below login screen, use your  NetID as your login.  If not then it was setup as local computer .
    • Personally owned computer - your login will be depend on how you set it up initially. Often it is your Microsoft account login. If not it will be local account specified at installation time.

Safety First

  • Encryption
    • If your device will contain university data (this includes laptops, desktops, smartphone, and  tablets) you need to encrypt your device
    • This prevents loss of data if the device is lost or stolen
    • Encryption is the difference between a lost device and a data breach that must be reported to the University so they can remediate.
    • IT Support Centre offers a Free Encryption Service
  • Install Anti-virus software
    • Queen's provides SCEP AV for faculty and staff
    • available for free from Software Centre

Email and Calendar

  • Log into Email and Calendar
    • Activate your NetID first
    • Log in to Office365 to configure your email account
      • Your account will be created and configured on its first use
      • You can also use Office 365 web app for your email and calendar app
    • Once configured you can access your email by logging into Office 365 or an email client.
    • Outlook 2016 is provided as part of MS Office 2016
  • Install Office 365 ProPlus
  • Sharing your calendar and Delegation
    • Multiple people updating your calendar can cause sync issues. Best practice if someone is managing your calendar let them manage it.
      • Use web interface, if you need make changes from Mobile devices
      • Limit the number of people who change the calendar and don’t make changes from Mobile devices
      • Use the Web Interface to confirm things are syncing correctly
        • iPhone calendar out of sync? Turning off the calendar and turning it back on forces a resync. 
  • See the Setting up a Delegate in Outlook (Windows) and Setting up a Delegate in Outlook (Mac)

File Storage

ITS provisions three distinct services for secure file storage and sharing.  For a comparison of the services see the File Storage and Sharing Service Comparison web page.

  •  Windows File Service (WFS)
    • Windows File Service (WFS)
      • provides a secure file storage space on a central data centre where data can be saved. 
      • free of charge
      • see the Windows File Service web page for more information
    • Install AnyConnect VPN Client
      • Need to access your files that are stored on WFS from off campus.  Use the AnyConnect VPN client:
        • AnyConnect VPN Client is available, free of charge, and is configured to access many of the services requiring a VPN client from off campus
        • AnyConnect is available free from the Software Centre
        • Other services, like Peoplesoft, use a different VPN Client.  Access to these clients will be made available when required 
    • Configure your printer
      • a local printer is connected directly to your computer
        • will be recognized at startup and proper drivers will be installed and configured
      • a Network printer will need to be configured
        • If the printer is controlled through Active Directory the drivers will be automatically installed
        • If your are using an uncontrolled printer you will need to install the print drivers yourself
        • For information on joining your printer to Active Directory see the Print Service web page
      • For more information on configuring a network printer please see the  Network Security for Printers webpage
  • OneDrive for Business
    • Part of the Microsoft Office 365 collaboration tools.
    • Provided free of charge for all Queen's faculty,staff and students
    • Can be accessed from anywhere through an internet web browser
    • Files can be shared, both on  and off campus
    • Files can be edited and saved in a browser or through a desktop application.
    • Print to any printer connected to your device



Last Updated: February 28, 2020