Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Getting Started with Faculty180


  • To log into Faculty180, simply click the Search and Sign In button in the upper right hand corner of any Queen's webpage, then select Faculty180 - CV and Reports to the Dean. Enter your Queen's NetID and password to log in.
  • Faculty accounts are uploaded to Faculty180 by the support team in September, January, and July.
  • If you are a faculty member hired between these uploads, please request a faculty account by submitting an IT Services Help Form
  • If you are new to Faculty180, there are training courses available to help you use the system.
  • How-To guides are available within Faculty180 itself - accessed in the Announcements & Help section.


If you are a staff member who will be supporting faculty within Faculty180, you will require a Faculty180 Support Account.

Faculty180 Support Accounts

There are two types of Support Account: Full Administrative Rights and Limited Rights. Please see the descriptions below and follow the instructions to request the Support Account that is right for you.

Full Administrative Rights Support Account

​​These accounts are granted to staff who will be supporting entire departments or faculties, and allow the user to perform the following tasks within Faculty180:

  • Manage committees (e.g., add/edit committees)
  • Manage Annual/Biennial Report evaluation processes (e.g., extending submission deadlines)
  • Manage course data (e.g., adding/editing courses)

Request Process:

As these accounts provide advanced permissions and data access within Faculty180, the following request process is required:

  1. Obtain written approval from your Department Head, Director, Dean, or similar authority;
  2. Submit a request for a Support Account with Full Administrative Rights, via the IT Services Help Form, and indicate the Department/Faculty/School with which you are affiliated;
  3. Submit your supervisor's written approval via the iTrack ticket created in step 2;
  4. Attend required training course to learn how to use administrative rights within Faculty180.

​​Limited Rights Support Account

​​​​These accounts are granted to staff who will be supporting faculty (e.g., entering data), but who will not be expected to perform any of the advanced administrative work associated with full administrative rights.

Request Process:

  1. Submit a request for a Limited Rights Support Account via the IT Services Help Form, and indicate the Department/Faculty/School with which you are affiliated.
  2. Note that no training is officially required for this type of Support Account, though users are encouraged to attend any introductory Faculty180 training that is available.