Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

IT Administrative Representative

A departmental ITAdmin Rep is a liaison and communications conduit between their department and ITS. The ITAdmin Rep can request services, changes, and support on behalf of the department. An ITAdmin Rep is designated by their Department Head and cannot be a student.

Getting Started

Every department should have at least one ITAdmin Rep, however, we strongly encourage departments to appoint two individuals so there is no break in service to your department.  Some of the large departments have several reps appointed.

The process to become a new ITAdmin Rep, or change a current ITAdmin Rep requires the following items to be completed:

  1. Download the Application form.
  2. ITAdmin Rep candidate completes the form.
  3. Obtain the Department Head's signature on the acknowledgement form.
  4. The completed questionnaire and signed acknowledgement form can be scanned and submitted to

Additional Info

  • receive early notice from ITS regarding new services, service changes, and service interruptions
  • are authorized by their department head to request computer accounts and services for their department
  • keep people in their department informed of IT developments
  • collaborate and share best practices with other ITAdmin Reps


Liaison Person:

  • The ITAdmin Rep is the first contact point from ITS to the department, and from the department to ITS.
  • ITS distributes information technology-related policy, standards, news, alerts, and updates to the ITAdmin Reps.

Information Distribution:

  • Most information delivered to the ITAdmin Rep is forwarded on to other members within the department (ie. faculty, staff, students, or all three groups).

Password Issues: 

  • The ITAdmin Rep is the contact for Faculty and Staff password issues. 
  • ITAdmin Reps can request password resets by contacting the IT Support Centre (x36666) or by bringing photo ID to the IT Support Centre Walk-In desk, located in Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Rm B205 (Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., 1 - 4 p.m.)
  • ITAdmin Reps can submit a password change request using the Password Reset Form located in the ITAdmin Restricted Resources.

Email Account Creation:

  • New personal, departmental, contingent worker and academic course computing accounts must be requested through the ITAdmin Rep.

Departmental Telephone and Email Directory Updates:

  • The ITAdmin Rep is responsible for updating entries in the Queen's telephone and email directories for people in their department. 
  • All requests for changes in your telephone service should be directed to your ITAdmin Rep. The ITAdmin Rep co-ordinates the configuration of telephones and the payment of service charges for your department.  Your ITAdmin Rep administers the restrictions on your phone.
  • Please notify your ITAdmin Rep as soon as possible of changes to your listing in the directory.  Keeping your information up-to-date will assist the University Operator in handling your calls correctly, will keep your listing in the On-Line directory correct, and will minimize the time spent correcting the data to produce the directory. Your efforts to keep your listings up-to-date as soon as they change does have a significant impact on the accuracy and production time of the directory.

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Last Updated: April 16, 2017