Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Employee NetIDs for Teaching Assistants and/or other Student Employees

About the Employee NetID

An Employee NetID with email service is automatically issued to students who are hired as Teaching Assistants:

  • The student will need to activate their Employee NetID upon learning that they have been given a paid appointment
  • The Employee NetID is required to be used when performing employee functions
  • The Employee NetID email address becomes the student's primary email account in MyHR: all student related notices however will continue to be sent to their Student email account
  • Students will continue to log into all student resources including SOLUS, Office 365, onQ courses, etc. using their student NetID
  • Course Instructors will need to use the Employee NetID to add Teaching Assistants to their onQ course(s) without submitting an online request.
  • Students with an Employee NetID will log into onQ for Teaching duties with their Employee NetID.

Important information about student-employee email accounts

It is very important to keep your employee identity separate and distinct from your student identity. If you have already forwarded your employee email account to your student account, please remove the forwarding and ensure that any work-related email is transferred to your employee email account.

For further details, please read the Fact Sheet on the Records Management and Privacy Office site. For information on handling confidential university documents, refer to the Electronic Information Security Policy Framework.

SOLUS Access when you are both a Student and an Active Employee

If you are employed by Queen's either as a regular staff member, or as a graduate student working as a Teaching Assistant, the red 'SOLUS' icon will NOT appear in the MyQueen'sU Portal.

To access your SOLUS Student Centre profile, you will first have to click on the menu item labeled "My Applications." You will be directed to a new page, with a section titled 'PeopleSoft Resources'.

Click on the link labeled 'Student / HR Self Serve (PRD).' This will take you to your SOLUS profile.


Last Updated: December 13, 2019