Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Applying to Become an ITAdmin Rep

General requirements for ITAdmin Reps

Willingness to Learn: An ITAdmin Rep must be willing to stay up to date with technology changes and be willing to participate in education programs/seminars provided by ITServices.

Computer Literate: Some degree of computer literacy is expected.

Staff Position: It is strongly recommended that the ITAdmin Rep be a permanent, continuing staff member owing to the time commitment and more consistent availability.

Number of ITAdmin Reps per Department: Based on the size of the department and the possible division of the department geographically, we recommend a minimum of two Reps per department.  For departments with few personnel resources, neighbouring departments could share an ITAdmin Rep.

ITAdmin Rep Time Commitment: The time required to perform certain tasks in a department will vary depending on the ITAdmin Rep's computing skills, and their designated job function within the department.

To add a new, additional or replace an ITAdmin Rep:

  • Download  the ITAdmin Rep forms (PDF*, 88 KB) to register a new, additional or replacement ITAdmin Rep. 
  • The Department Head should sign the acknowledgement form.
  • Scan the completed form and submit to

*PDF files can be read for free using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Last Updated: April 16, 2018