Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Restricted Resources

Please note: Resource requests will take you directly to iTrack or a web form to create an issue. Please review the following information prior to submitting a resource request.

For resource requests made directly to iTrack

Log in and choose New Issue to create your request(s) or follow the progress of other open requests you have.

If you have access to multiple projects in iTrack and depending on your default settings you may need to switch projects to complete your request or view existing requests.

To change your iTrack project (New):

  • The project name is located in the upper right of the iTrack interface, see: "You are in the X workspace", where X is a link to your default project.
  • Click on the project name link and from the drop-down list select Service Provisioning.

To submit a new iTrack resource request:

  • From the navigation menu bar in the Service Provisioning project, click on New Issue to show all service request options available to you.

For resource requests made using a web form

After you submit the form, you will receive an email confirmation with the issue number. Replying to the email at any time will allow you to ask questions of the team working on the request.

Office 365

  1. Office 365 Calendar Resources

    • Create, change (or delete) a resource such as a room or equipment, in the calendar system. It can also be used to transfer ownership of a resource to another person.

  2. Office 365 Distribution List Creation

    • Add a Distribution List to the GAL that can be found within Microsoft Outlook and the Outlook on the Web.

  3. Office 365 Shared Mailbox (i.e.

    • Create, change (or delete) a shared mailbox that can be accessed by multiple people in the department. This provides access to email and calendaring only.

NetID and Accounts

  1. Request a NetID password change

    • Use this form to request a password change/reset for a faculty of staff member.

  2. New Volunteer/Unpaid Worker Account Creation

    • Create a guest/consultant/visitor account for an appointment that is NOT paid by the University. DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR EMPLOYED STAFF OR FACULTY.

  3. NetID Activation for Volunteer/Unpaid Worker Only

    • New paid hires now use the NetID Profile Manager to activate their own NetIDs and enable email service. Please direct your new staff to the link.

  4. Departmental NetID Account Creation

    • Please do not use this form for new staff or faculty.This is for a project/lab/position type of generic naming that is not attached to a particular individual. If your request is for a shared email address only, please refer to Office 365 Shared Mailboxes link.

  5. Disable NetID Requests (Employment Termination)

    • Please contact the ITSC at x36666 to make this request.

Password Resets

  1. Password Reset Requests

    • Request password resets for NetIDs, Voice Mail, GE Picture Perfect and TSM.

Departmental File Share Storage Quotas

  1. Request an increase in shared drive storage quota

    • Notifications are sent to ITAdmin Reps when their departmental drive on the Windows File Service has reached a high percentage (normally around 90%) of its storage limit  (quota). If you have received one of these notifications, you can either remove unneeded files from the shared file storage or have users remove files from their home drive, or you can request additional space in iTrack:

  2. Departmental File Share Permission Changes

    • ITS’ Windows File Service best practice allows for creating explicit permissions on any directory up to two layers from the root of the departmental file share. This guideline is in place to avoid situations where nested folder permissions cause access issues due to explicit permissions applied too deep within the departmental file share. For example:


      In this example, any directory created within Layer2, e.g. Layer3, must inherit the permissions from Layer2 and cannot have explicit permissions applied that are different from the permissions on Layer2. Directories created within Layer1, next to Layer2, can still have explicit permissions applied. So using this example, if Layer3 required explicit permissions, it would need to be moved from under Layer2 and placed within Layer1



  1. Request an onQ Guest Account (NetID) for a non-Queen's employee

    • Please complete an onQ NetID account request ticket to request a GUEST account for an onQ course

Request a Departmental Streaming Account

  1. Request a Departmental Streaming Account

  • Request a streaming account for your department, select Departmental Streaming from the Add a Service section of iTrack. Do not use this form to request a personal account. A personal account is created the first time an individual logs into

Telecom and Network

  1. Add a Telecom or Network Service

    • Request the installation of a new telephone, fax line, long distance authorization code, calling card, guest voice mailbox or activation of a network (Ethernet) jack.
    • Telecom installations are completed within 5 business days.
    • Network activations are completed within 3 business days. There is a $110 installation charge.
    • Headset purchase
  2. Move a Telecom or Network Service

    • Request the move of an existing telephone or network service. When rearranging space within your department, we recommend that individuals who are doing the same job (but changing their location) keep their extension. If the individual is moving to another job or going on maternity leave, we recommend leaving the phone number for their replacement.

    • Telephone Moves Information:
      • The phone number moves with the physical set.
      • A technician is required to move the service, you cannot move it yourself. If you require assistance with a large move, please use the comments field to provide the details.  You can also attach a floor plan to the issue or we can provide you with a floor plan of your space.
      • Telecom moves are completed within 5 business days.
      • Network moves are completed within 3 business days.
      • There is no charge to move a service unless a new jack installation is required.
  3. Change an existing Telecom or Network Service

    • Request a telephone feature change (see: Telephone Feature Guide), directory update, chart-field account change for billing, VLan or subnet change.
    • This request will be completed within 3 business days.
    • There is no charge for feature changes unless a phone upgrade is required. You will be advised of this at the time of the request.
  4. Disconnect a Telecom Service

    • Disconnect a telephone, fax line, long distance authorization code, guest voice mailbox or cancel a calling card.
    • This request will be completed within 5 business days.
    • There is no charge for a disconnect.
  5. Telephone or Network Repairs

    • Report an issue with a telephone service or network jack.
    • This request will be completed within 2 business days.
    • There is no charge for a repair.
  6. Telephone Lines for Polycom Conference Phones Use

    • Permanently active analog lines for use with Polycom conference phones are available in most frequently used conference rooms
    • Polycom conference phones need to be provided by the users
    • Public rooms on campus have also been equipped with analog phone jacks.  

Departmental Queen's Managed Mobile Phones

Departmental Queen's Managed Mobile phone requests

  • Request, cancel or upgrade a departmental mobile phone
  • Change a Chart-field billing account

Request a Departmental Contact Information Change

Please let us know if the business phone, location or departmental information is incorrect for your department.

  1. Request a Departmental Contact Information Change

    • This request will be completed within 3 business days.
    • There is no charge for this change.

Register an External Domain Name

Queen's University now requires all departments to register external domains that are under the control of the department.  ITS has been asked to provide a method for departments to record this information centrally.  Please click here to register your external domain name information.

  1. Register an External Domain Name



If you have any questions, please contact the IT Support Centre at x36666 and reference the issue number.

Last Updated: May 6, 2019