Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Telecom - IT Administrative Representative

All requests for changes in your telephone service should be directed to your ITAdmin Rep (Telecom). The ITAdmin Rep co-ordinates the configuration of telephones and the payment of service charges for your department. Your ITAdmin Rep (Telecom) administers the restrictions on your phone.

Please notify your ITAdmin Rep as soon as possible of changes to your listing in the directory. Keeping your information up-to-date will assist the University Operator in handling your calls correctly, will keep your listing in the On-Line directory correct, and will minimize the time spent correcting the data to produce the directory. Your efforts to keep your listings up-to-date as soon as they change does have a significant impact on the accuracy and production time of the directory.

Are you a new ITAdmin Rep (Telecom)? Download the ITAdmin Rep (Telecom) Handbook (PDF*, 127 KB)

Help & Support

Any questions? Call 32001.

*PDF files can be read for free using Adobe Acrobat Reader.