Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

ITS Customer Support and Service Agreement for Mailing List Services

The Mailing List software is an online email and web enabled package purchased under an annual site license agreement by ITS from Lsoft International. In support of faculties, departments, and offices who wish to create and manage their own mailing lists, ITS agrees to provide faculty and staff customers with the following support services:

  1. Assistance from the ITS Support Centre Please phone the IT Support Centre at 533-6666 (36666) or submit a problem online via the ITSC Help Form. Links to the IT Support Centre and online resources are off the Mailing List Services Home Page under the link titled, How to get Help
  2. Web enabled documentation via Listserv's Home page, which includes Lsoft List Owner and User manuals and additional information material written by ITS for the Queen's environment. Web enabled documentation can be found off the Mailing List Services Home Page under the link, Listserv Information & Documentation.
  3. ITS maintains a Mailing List FAQ for List Owners which contains answers to many questions that List Owners have asked most frequently.
  4. The OWNERS-L Mailing list for all Queen's List Owners. The OWNERS-L mailing list is provided by ITS as a forum for List Owners to discuss how best to manage mailing lists. The OWNERS-L Home Page contains searchable password protected web archives to look up previous questions and answers. As a List Owner, you should already be a member of this mailing list as this is where ITS sends notices that may have an impact on your mailing lists, e.g., upgrades, scheduled server downtime, etc. If you are not a member of this list, you can join now by clicking on the link, Join the OWNERS-L List.
  5. Customized web forms to make creating mailing lists easier and available for you to obtain via the web. Forms to create class mailing lists and general discussion lists are available off the Mailing List Services Home Page and require a valid Queen's NetID to create.
  6. ITS provides a web-based program for quickly populating Class Mailing Lists. More information and a FAQ are available off the Mailing List Services Home page under the link titled, Update an Existing Class Mailing List for a New Term
  7. Customer requested features and services. Customized web forms and programs written by ITS to extend features or provide additional features of the software. These forms are available off the Mailing List Services Home Page. These forms were added based on customer feedback.
  8. ITS provides additional services to Class Mailing List Coordinators who manage a large number of class mailing lists in their department or faculty. These services are not standardized and are only available to individuals who have been designated as Class Mailing List Coordinators by their department Head or Dean. Many of the services are designed to reduce the workload of class list management and are defined under an extension of this service agreement. Some services include ensuring the Coordinator is a List Owner on all department class lists, bulk class list creation, automated archive deletions, and private web forms for a variety of tasks.