Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Enterprise Remote Access

Whether working from home or working while travelling, there are times when we need to be able to access shared drives, software or files that are stored on our work computers, or to connect to resources that are restricted to campus without actually being on campus. As a result, Queen's provides Enterprise Remote Access to the campus. These services are available to all faculty, staff and students of Queen's University. These services provide secure access to the campus from remote locations using your computer. 

Note: Use of these services requires installing and configuring software therefore it should not be done on public computers that you do not own or control.

The Enterprise Remote Access services are:

Which of these services you use will depend on what you need to access.

Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG)

Using the Remote Desktop App (part of Windows, available for Macs), you can connect from your home computer, through your internet service provider, directly to your work computer. To do this, it is necessary that your work computer be on and that you have the IP address of your work computer. Please note that most computers on campus connect using DHCP. The computer's IP address does not belong to the computer and will change. If you are planning to access your office computer using RDG, ensure that you check your IP address before leaving campus. Once you have accessed your work computer, it will be as if you are on campus working on your office computer. You will now be able to do everything you can do on your office computer from your remote location including accessing any files on the computer or on a shared drive; run any software on your computer; print to printers connected to your office computer; and connect to any services on campus that require a campus IP address to access. For instructions on configuring the Remote Desktop App in order to access the Remote Desktop Gateway and your computer, see the Remote Desktop Gateway tutorials.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN will allow the user to access restricted resources from off campus. Using software that is licensed to Queen's (Cisco AnyConnect for Windows and Mac), you can connect your home computer, through your internet service provider, directly to the Queen's campus intranet. Once on campus you will be able to connect to any of the services to which you have authorization to access.  Some departments have servers set up to store work files for the department. There is a File Sharing Service (Active Directory) available to all departments. Once connected to the campus through the VPN, these files will be available to you. There are resources on campus that are restricted to the campus. A VPN will allow the user to access these restricted resources from off campus. For instructions on downloading, configuring and using the VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect), see the VPN tutorials.

RDG and VPN comparison chart 

Last Updated: March 7, 2017