Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Managed Services for Windows - Shared MS SQL Database Server

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers MS SQL Database Server access to departments via a dedicated, ITS's-hosted SQL Server.

Getting Started


Applications which require system administrative rights on the SQL server will not be permitted, in order to preserve the security and reliability of other hosted databases.

Additional Information

Information Technology Services (ITS) will:

  • House, maintain, and administer the server (create databases, user accounts and database permissions);
  • Install, configure, and maintain the server operating system and database server with patches and virus detection;
  • Provide power conditioning, cooling, humidity control, fire protection, and physical security protection;
  • Backup and restore client databases to/from the server (7 daily versions stored);
  • Administer database user accounts;
  • Respond to and resolve questions about, problems with, and requests for enhancements to the service from designated client contacts; and
  • Provide emergency and after hours service for server level failures. Emergency repair outside of weekday business hours is limited to:
    • Coarse level diagnosis of problem to determine cause;
    • Reboot server, clear temporary files, etc. to resolve resource shortage or deadlock;
    • Substitute locally available spare parts if available;
    • Correct minor configuration errors if applicable; and
    • Place repair calls with hardware suppliers for next business day.


  • Please refer to the MS SQL Database entry on the Service Fees page for details.

Service Agreement:

  • The Master Service Agreement governs all of the Managed Services for Windows; Appendix D provides additional information specific to Shared MS SQL Database Server.

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