Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Software Center

Software Centre is a utility Queen’s ITS uses to manage and deploy Windows software, updates and patches, anti-virus and other software to departmental Windows computers.  It is secure and is a great way to centrally manage software and updates on managed computers. 

  1. To launch Software Center:
    • In Windows 10 –> Type Software Center in the Search Field and press Enter
  2. The Software Center will open.  There are 4 tabs for you to choose from:
    • Available Software
      • The Available Software tab informs the user what software is available to be installed.
      • This is software that their administrator has sent to them, it will include an Available-On-Date and a Deadline-Date should the Administrator include one.
      • Windows Updates that must be installed on the client will also appear in this window.
    • Installation Status
      • The Installation Status tab informs the user of the installation status of an available piece of software.
      • It will have an Installed or a Failed with a date listed.
    • Installed Software
      • The Installed Software tab will list software that has been installed on the users machine from within SCCM (Software Center), software that was sent to the User by the Administrator.
    • Options
      • The Options tab allows the user to view and select some options that are available to them. The only items they can manage are the working hours.  Working hours will determine when updates are applied to your system.  By default these are set from 5 am to 10 pm.  Please note that you will be warned before SCCM reboots your system.  Please do not ignore these warnings as after the warning expires, you may face an automatic restart.

    screen shot illustrating above step

  3. Occasionally, a small pop-up message appears, indicating that software changes are required or new software is available.  Please allow it to make changes.  New software, system updates, security packages and other software maintenance tasks need to run.
    • Your IT Department requires changes to the software on your computer

    • or New Software is Available

  4. If the updates require the user’s PC to be rebooted post installation, they will receive a popup like the one below. 
    • SCCM will first display this message with a 12-hour warning, the user has the ability to hide the message from the 12-hour mark to the 3-hour mark.
    • Once the countdown reaches 3 hours the Hide button is no longer an option.
    • You can choose to Restart now