Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Windows File Service

(Windows File Service runs on the Active Directory infrastructure)

This service provides a secure file storage space on a central data centre where departments can save their data. Departments on campus can be provided up to 25 GB of storage space per full-time staff member.

Departmental group spaces may be set up where members of a team can save data. Each member would be provided access to the data saved in the group’s space.
Access to the space is via Windows Explorer at \\\<Departmental Path> or via Mac with smb://<Departmental Path>

WFS can also be set up as a personal space within your department’s allotted storage space. Although a user’s private storage folder is within their department's space, files are private and not accessible by anyone other than the user. If the user leaves the department, a request can be made that the personal WFS space be moved to the new department.

Since the data is not stored on personal hard drives, if anything happens to the user’s computer (e.g., it gets a virus, is lost or stolen, or is replaced), the stored data is safe in Queen’s datacentre.

Files within WFS can be accessed from off-campus using the Queen’s Virtual Private Network.

To see a comparison of WFS and other storage options see the  File Storage & Sharing Services Comparison web page.

Getting Started

Who can have it?

  • Queen's faculty and staff, organized by department

Are there any costs?

  • Basic service provides departments up to 25 GB of storage space at no charge, covered by baseline funding.  Please refer to our page on Service Fees for details.
  • ITS will provide a free needs assessment.

How do I get it?

Additional Information

There are two servers located within a Storage Area Network backend to improve uptime and performance. These servers are located in a climate-controlled, secure, and UPS-equipped computer room. Computers that are joined to Active Directory can automatically map their department’s shared drives. Windows and Mac computers may use WFS without joining their computer to AD. See the tutorials to learn how to manually map drives.

Each department is allotted space based upon the number of full-time staff and the total is maintained with quota software. This quota may be increased quickly by request, for a fee (see Service Fees). User access can be added or removed by having your ITAdmin Rep submit a request to ITS. Alternatively, departments can control security for themselves via Active Directory access groups which are created by ITS.  All server files are backed up to a secondary datacentre with nightly snapshots available.


  • For shared print service, a feature of AD, please see the Print Service page.

System Requirements:

  • Windows - supported versions
  • Mac OS X - supported versions
  • Other operating systems can connect to Microsoft Active Directory and may function but are not supported.

Service Agreement:

  • The Master Service Agreement governs all of the Managed Services for Windows; Appendix B provides additional information specific to the Windows File Service.


Please see the availability objective for enterprise ITS services.

Service Level Objective

Please see the links below for Service Level Objectives:

Governing IT Policies

Users of this service are governed by the following policies, failure to comply may result, at a minimum, with suspension of service:

Help & Support

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Last Updated: January 30, 2020